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Rob Page

Commercial Music Composer Rob Page Opens the Digital Vault

Busy Spot Composer Adds Gen16 to His Studio Setup

Commercial Music Composer Rob Page Opens the Digital Vault

Culver City, CA, November 2010....   Busy commercial music composer Rob Page has joined the growing ranks of creative artists who have added Gen16's Digital Vault to their studio setups.

Page, owner of Wooly Mammoth Productions, cranks out a steady stream of production spots for national and international clients ranging from Chevrolet to Burger King, as well as theme music and bumpers for local Southern California television stations. The company also provides music for a number of stock library collections worldwide.

"I started out 20 years ago, and I've probably been through almost every kind of drum machine there is, " says Page. "Honestly, none of them had cymbal samples worth using. For a long time, we used to just program the drums without the cymbals, record them, and then go back and hit a real ride cymbal - a Zildjian, in fact - and record it as an overdub. Even then, it never sounded all that great because we didn't have the right type of microphone."

Page says the Gen16 Digital Vault has placed a nearly limitless palette of choices at his fingertips. "This is almost an embarrassment of riches. It's like browsing through Netflix or a huge video store - there are almost too many choices. It's just really, really cool."

Click here to view Rob Page's video interview.

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