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Rick Marvin

Composer Richard Marvin Takes it Up a Notch with Digital Vault

Composer Behind "The OC" and "Six Feet Under" Integrates the Digital Vault into His Studio Setup.

Composer Richard Marvin Takes it Up a Notch with Gen16's Digital Vault

Studio City, CA, November 2010.... Film and television composer Richard Marvin has joined the growing ranks of high-profile composers, producers and musicians discovering the sound and versatility of the digital Vault by Gen16 - Intelligent Percussion by Zildjian.

Marvin, who has lent his compositions to hit TV shows like The O.C., Six Feet Under, Three Rivers and Without a Trace, and movies including U-571, Surrogates, Breakdown and The Narrows, has been providing music and sound design for more than two decades. "When I started out, most of my scoring dates involved a full orchestra," he says. "These days, that's a rarity - most scores these days are written, composed and performed in rooms like mine, using computers and samplers. Needless to say, the quality of your samples is of critical importance."

While sampled instruments have become increasingly sophisticated, Marvin observes that cymbals have traditionally been one of the weaker links. "Cymbal sounds in the past have always been these sort of splashy sounds that didn't ring out as long as they should. For many years, I kept three cymbals in my studio, and I'd just play them live and record them, because it was so hard to get good cymbal samples. But this Gen16 library has really changed that - the sounds are fantastic."

For a busy composer like Marvin, Gen16's Digital Vault has proven invaluable. "The time limitations I'm under to create 25 minutes of music per show, per week are just insane," he says. "For me, to have cymbal sounds like these at my fingertips is a tremendous advantage. It's really easy to find samples these days, but it's difficult to find samples this good. Finally, I've found cymbal samples that sound every bit as good as the real thing."


Click here to view Richard Marvin's video interview.

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