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Composer Sean Murray Brings Gen16's Digital Vault Into the Game

"Black Ops" and "True Crime" Composer Integrates Zildjian's Newest Technology

Sean Murray bannerComposer Sean Murray Brings Gen16's Digital Vault into the Game

sean murrayHollywood, CA, October 2010....Film, television and video game composer Sean Murray has added the new Digital Vault sample library from Gen16 to his powerful studio arsenal.

Murray, one of the most prolific composers in the busy and competitive world of video games, has lent his scoring talents to some of the genre's most popular titles, including True Crime: Streets of L.A., Call of Duty: Black Ops and True Crime: New York City. He has been equally busy in film and TV music, amassing a string of credits on popular shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the NBC classic God, the Devil and Bob.

"I was lucky enough to be among the first people to check out Zildjian's new Gen16 Digital Vault, and these are truly some of the most realistic cymbal samples I've ever heard," says Murray. "The amount of articulation coming out of each of these cymbals is absolutely beautiful."

Gen16's digital Vault offers authentic, high-resolution acoustic samples of the company's most coveted, exclusive master "reference" cymbals, along with rare, limited-edition cymbals never available to the public. Each cymbal has been hand-selected by Zildjian's Master Cymbal Tester Paul Francis from the "cymbal vault" at the company's Norwell, MA workshop, and meticulously recorded by percussion sampling guru John Emrich.

"The BFD interface is not only highly intuitive, but offers an amazing amount of control over each individual sample," adds Murray. "Not only can you change pitch and create all sorts of unconventional sounds, but you can add effects and even sync up a delay with the tempo of your track. It's just fantastic."

Click here to view Sean Murray's video interview.

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