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Manu Katché Honoured at Newly Renovated Paris Hotel

Dedicated floor within L’Hotel du Triangle D’Or

Manu Katché recently attended the Grand Opening Ceremony of the newly renovated L’Hotel du Triangle D’Or in Paris, France.

The Hotel du Triangle d'Or is a boutique hotel in the heart of Ville Lumierès and near the Place de la Concorde and the prestigious Olympia - the historical Music Hall of Paris.

Music is the key element for discovering the spirit of the hotel. Its interior has been renovated by the skilful hand of the architect Philippe Maidenberg together with some very talented and legendary musicians - Rickie Lee Jones (Folk), Archie Shepp (Jazz), Mc Solaar (Rap), Jaques Higelin (Rock) and our very own Manu Katché (Drums). The wall lights and all of the furnishing accessories of the Hotel Triangle du D’Or follow the style and the inspiration of the talented musicians involved in the project, with unique headboards, the bedside tables and the wardrobes that are in the shape of flight cases and the star decorated carpets. The Manu Katche floor includes Zildjian splash cymbal lights and Zildjian Drumsticks as curtain pulls.

Renowned Architect and Designer Phillippe Maidenberg said:

“J'ai eu le grand plaisir de travailler avec Manu Katche sur le projet de réhabilitation de l'Hôtel du Triangle d'Or. Son approche fut celle d'un véritable chef d'orchestre, toujours présent, enthousiaste, réactif, créatif et à l'écoute. En deux mots, celle d'un musicien d'exception.

Lorsque Manu m'a proposé de créer des appliques en utilisant les splashs Zildjian avec lesquelles il joue, je me suis mis à entendre tous les sons qu'il en fait sortir. Nous avons donc essayé de transformer les sons en lumière. Je connais ce logo depuis toujours pour avoir vu les plus grands batteurs jouer avec ces cymbales sublimes. Il semblait naturel de mixer l'architecture et la musique ; les deux domaines étant intimement liés. Mille mercis à Zildjian de nous avoir suivi dans ce projet avec autant de spontanéité !

Philippe Maidenberg
Architecte & designer, fan de Zildjian forever”


I was so pleased to work with Manu Katche on the renovation of the Hotel “Le Triangle d’Or” in Paris. His approach was similar to that of a conductor: re-active, creative, enthusiastic and always there and listening when required. Well, it was more like the approach of an exceptional musician!

As Manu suggested using Splash cymbals to create wall lamps, a series of cymbal sounds ran through my head, just like if Manu were playing them nearby. So we tried moving sounds into lights. The Zildjian logo means a lot to me as I have seen so many famous artists playing these marvellous cymbals. The idea of blending Music and Architecture became a natural move since both are so closely related. Big thanks to Zildjian for supporting us so spontaneously in this massive project.

Philippe Maidenberg
Architect & Designer, “Zildjian friend forever”

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