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Zildjian Welcomes Igor Stotland (Russia) to the Worldwide Family of Artists

Welcome aboard!

Zildjian are delighted to welcome Igor Stotland from Russia to the family of worldwide Artists.

Igor began playing music at the age of 7 years. He completed piano and drum courses at the Dunaevsky School in Moscow. Then, he continued his music education at the Gnesiny School and the Russian Music Academy. He played in students’ jazz bands and orchestras and together with the Sukhikh band he participated in a jazz seminar held in Poland. Among his tutors, there were remarkable personalities and gifted masters of the Russian modern drum school: V. Umrikhin, M. Kovalevskiy and A. Makurov. Having graduated from the Gnesiny Music Academy, Igor Stotland has given tuition at the Gnesiny School for three years.

After graduating from the Gnesiny School, Igor was invited to play for the Natalia Ovcharova’s vocal band at the Moskvorechie Studio in Moscow; he then worked with the Sergey Zhilin’s Phonograph band for three years. Igor also has the unique experience of working with Igor Bril, a famous pianist, professor, and tutor of the Russian Music Academy. Igor has got a vast amount of experience performing at jazz festivals such as the Djakarta Jazz Festival in Indonesia.

Presently he is working with ‘Valeria’.

Igor endeavors to promote the art of drumming; he participates in concerts of the Moscow FM Club, Monday Drummer, master classes, jam sessions and other activities with many musicians and drummers of various styles at many schools.

Says Igor “It is difficult to identify my own style. It comes naturally when I am at the drums. Of course, I have my own preferences which include jazz, funk, Latino. Sometimes I like play rock. In general, I respect any existing music style provided it is performed professionally. I believe a true musician should not get stuck on one style rather try playing various styles and ensuring professional performance and enjoying it. That is the way to one’s own style.
As for my preferences, my favorite drummers are Tony Williams, Dennis Chambers, Horacio, "El Negro" Hernandez, Jack DeJohnette, Buddy Rich, Omar Hakim, Peter Erskine, just to name a few. There are a lot of other drummers to learn from.


I express the gratitude and thanks to members of team Zildjian for the possibility of representing this dear company in Russia. I have been playing many years with Zildjian cymbals as I consider them to be the best. And now I am very glad to get to be a member of the Zildjian Artist family, to which I hope I can become a very worthy member.. With pride I will aspire to promote the drum-type art and the sound of my favourite cymbals in all the cities and concert halls that I play. I also want to thank all who has helped me to become a member of ‘family Zildjian’. Thank you very much”.

Head to Igor's Profile Page to learn more, including his cymbal setup.

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