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Powell Custom Snare

The Newest Addition to the Zildjian Drummer’s Lounge

Powell Custom Snare

Zildjian is the happy recipient of a gorgeous, custom-built snare drum by Powell Custom Drums! Brad Powell - Cottman of Powell Custom Drums of Rhode Island has fashioned an amazing instrument showcasing Zildjian’s history and products.

The customized snare features a 10 Ply - 14 x 8" Clear Acrylic Hybrid Chamber with a pearl finish. Glossy white stripes contrast with verticle ginger glass inlayed stripes on the outside while the inside shell boasts a silver glass - glitter finish and a turquoise striped inlay with a gold and black ribbon. The snare also features a glossy black custom hand cut Zildjian "Z" vent hole and several mounted 6” Zildjian splash cymbals. The delicate artwork on the instrument depicts images of an ancient Turkish Janissary band leading the Ottoman Army - a nod to the creation of the modern day cymbal as we know it. This custom piece features all brass single tube lugs, triple flange hoops, trick throwoff strainer, 20 strand Puresound blaster wires and the USA Bright Beat Trigger Lighting System.

Zildjian is thrilled to display and use this completely customized snare drum from Powell Custom drums. We can’t wait to show it off to artists and endorsers visiting our drummers lounge in 2011.

For more information about this artistic snare drum, please check out Powell Custom Drums at and USA Bright Beat Trigger Lighting at

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