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Zildjian Mission From Gadd - South America

Zildjian Mission From Gadd - South America Tour Blog

Zildjian & Steve Gadd Bring the "Mission" to South America

Mission from Gadd has kicked off its third leg around the world, this time in South America. Zildjian's Bob Wiczling is on the road with Steve Gadd to keep us up to date. Follow along here for photos, videos, and more. For a full list of dates, go here.

To see photos from Mission From Gadd - South America, go here.

2011 Mission From Gadd South America Video Highlights

Click the image above, or go here, to watch highlights from the 2011 Mission From Gadd - South America tour.

Saturday October 22 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
The final location for this leg of the Mission from Gadd tour is the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. It's a vast, sprawling city with swathes of White high-rise blocks. The scale of it takes your breath away.

Pride Music are our hosts and organisers of tonight's show, which takes place at a theatre in Sao Paulo's UNIP university.

It's a nonstop schedule for Steve this evening. First an interview with South America's version of Modern Drummer magazine. Then it's time for sound check. Steve loves to keep everything as natural and acoustic as possible, so there is little micing and volume is kept at a minimum. That, coupled with Yard's brilliant preparation of Steve's kit, makes for an easy and quick sound check and a great sound in the auditorium.

Then it's on to the meet and greet in the lobby of the theatre. This must be one of the longest meet and greets ever. The queue, of about 150 Gadd fans, line up around the building, patiently waiting to meet their all-time favourite drummer. Steve has only just finished a long spell of touring prior to this clinic tour and you would imagine he would be getting pretty tired by now, but he goes out of his way to make sure he signs posters and album sleeves, takes pictures and chats with each and everyone!

The show itself is as amazing as always. You can never get tired of watching Steve play, there is a distinct magic, that special "Gadd Feel." A main part of Steve's "Mission" is of course to talk with everyone there, to share his knowledge and try to answer as many questions as possible and there is never a shortage of these.

Subjects tonight ranged from dynamics in playing, practicing with Rudiments, playing BeBop and Jazz patterns utilising Paraddidles, how to achieve his 16th note bass drum technique with one foot, the list goes on and on - culminating in a demonstration of his Samba patterns and double sticking patterns on Paul Simons "Late in the Evening."

It's another great night and the final date of this hop across South America.

Special thanks tonight to Marcel, Jon, JJ, Monica, Gus for his translations, Giba, and the entire team from Pride Music.

A million thanks to Yard for making sure all was perfect with the kits, and of course a massive thanks to Steve Gadd, a treat to travel with and always brilliant to watch play!!

- BW

Thursday, October 20 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
The audiences in South America show real passion about their events. So when you get over 1,100 drummers into a theatre to see one of their all-time favourite drumming icons, well you can imagine!! The audience have waited a long time for this day and they were going to enjoy every moment of it.

Today's "Mission" was in a beautiful old theatre called Teatro Astral and was a full-on Zildjian Day presentation. Two great Argentine Zildjian artists, Martin Carizzo and Sebastian Peycere, each delivered their own storming sets before Steve took to the stage. The crowd loved them, great playing and great guys.

As always, the audience rose to their feet as Steve strolled onto the stage. He always seems so calm and relaxed and the audience immediately warm to this.

Steve's playing is mesmerising as always, with solos teaming with his signature riffs. Again the crowd were not shy in coming forward to ask questions and Steve took time to make sure everyone got an answer. Questions from double stroke rolls, how to solo, to the inevitable "Steve how do you play the pattern to '50 ways?'"

After show offered a big number of local artists the chance to stay and chat with Steve. The place was full of smiling faces - it was a magic night indeed!

A very special thank you to Ash, Marcelo, Oscar, Sebastian the translator, and the entire team at Todomusica for all their amazing organisation.

Next stop - Sao Paulo, Brazil!


Tuesday, October 18 - Santiago, Chile
The Mission From Gadd clinic tours are steadily working their way around the globe. Steve has now performed his incredible clinics right across the USA, then across Europe, and now 2011 sees the Mission tour crossing South America.

Having just completed a tour with Eric Clapton, Steve launches into the first of his clinic dates in Santiago, Chile. It's a great city flanked by the Andes mountain range and sits right by the Pacific Ocean.

Today's event, organised by the great team at Audio Musica, is set in one of Santiago's big music clubs, Cerro Bellavista looks great, tiered seating so everyone's guaranteed a great view of Steve as he plays.

The amazing Yard is travelling with us and ensures Steve's kit is set and in perfect shape for the show.

Following soundcheck, Steve has interviews with Audio Musica online then La Tercerand and La Nacion, two big national newspapers in Chile. Finally interviews with Rolling Stone magazine - South America and Chilian national radio station, "Radio Futura."

As with all of Steve's shows, the atmosphere is electric!! He walks on stage to an incredible reception from the 500-strong capacity crowd. Then comes the magic moment as Steve opens with his rendition of "Bye Bye Black Bird," on brushes, you can hear a pin drop in the auditorium.

It's a great night, endless questions from the audience hungry for Steve's thought on the art of the drum set.

A massive thank you to Armando Gotelli and the team from Audio Musica, as well as Victor our translator, Manuel Paez for his great introduction, Marco Cerda, and all the great Zildjian artists that came to see Steve.

Great kick off to the tour!!

- BW

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