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John Tempesta Italy Clinics

John Tempesta Italy Clinic Tour Blog

Follow along with John on tour!

Throughout the 3rd week of February, John Tempesta has been traveling through Italy with Mogar brining his clinic tour to the Mediterranean. See more photos from the tour here.

Day 4 - Feb. 17, Milano

And here we are in the wonderful city of Milan.

It's a great crowd, all drummers tonight and they stay totally focussed throughout. They soak up every beat John plays and every word of wisdom that he had to offer. He spoke on how he plays, working in bands, and on working your way up the performance ladder.

A three hour clinic in total, a brilliant night.

The winner of todays Z3 Crash was Andrea Bombarda (photo below).
John Tempesta Clinic Tour winner

Day 3 - Feb. 16, Siena
Day 3 of the tour and its into Siena for John Tempesta.

There's a room full of enthusiastic drummers and John steams into some brilliant tracks.

It's the power and precision of Johns playing that takes your breath away, then he takes time out to offer advice on various playing techniques before a final solo that leaves the audience stunned.

Tonight's winner of the Z3 crash is Niccolò Patriarchi, aged 5 (pictured below)!! This should be a good start to his passion for drums!

Stay tuned for more from the road.

John Tempesta Italy clinic tour 3

Day 2 - Feb. 15, Macerata
Following a fun signing session at the local dealer (Principi Strumenti Musicali), John played another storming set in Macerata.

Close to 200 people crammed in to catch the show. As always, everyone immediately warms to John's personality and hang onto his every beat as he pounds through some amazing tracks.

Tonight's winner of the Z3 crash is another female drummer, Cristina Bracalente (pictured below with John). She's of course a more than delighted winner as she was already looking out to find some more cymbals! Congrats to Cristina and enjoy your Z3!

Next stop Siena !

John Tempesta Italy 2

Day 1 - Feb. 14, Bari
The first clinic of the John Tempesta Italy Clinic Tour was in the town of Bari at Acustica and was a huge success, lots of enthusiastic rock and roll in true Southern Italian style.

No clinic is complete without some good giveaways and tonight's prize of a Z3 cymbal goes to a really great female Rock Drummer named Annalisa Di Dio (pictured below with John). A well deserving winner!!

If the rest of the tour is anything like tonight, we're in for a treat.

John Tempesta Italy Clinic Tour Winner 1

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