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Zildjian Gen16 Discount offer with FXpansion

Receive Over $200 in Discounts With Gen16 Digital Vault Z Pack Purchase

Discounts available upon registering software at

For a limited time*, when you register your Gen16 Digital Vault - Z-Pack Vol. 1, you can receive over $200 in discounts!

The Z-Pack Vol. 1 features the cleanest, most accurate, and realistic digital cymbal sounds ever created. Included in the pack, you'll get A Zildjian series and A Custom Crashes, Rides, and HiHats. Powered by BFD Eco, the pack includes MIDI & audio groove tracks from Mike White, Dave DiCenso, and Peter Michael Escovedo.

Discounts available include 30% off the following downloadable Expansion Packs from FXpansion online store:
BFD JEX BFD, Oak Custom, BFD Maple Custom Absolute, BFD Cocktail, BFD Decatom BFD Heavy, BFD Jazz Maple, BFD 8 Bit Kit, BFD Signature Snares Vol. 1, BFD Signature Snares Vol. 2, BFD Sleishman Drums, and BFD Sleishman Snares.

Discounts are available upon registering your Gen16 Digital Vault - Z-Pack Vol. 1 at

Register now and save!

*Limited time offer ends June 30, 2011

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