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2011 Porin Awards

Zildjian at Porin - Croatian Discography Awards

Aired Sunday, May 15

2011 Porin AwardsThe 18th Annual Croatian Discography Awards, Porin, will be held this Sunday, May 15th in the beautiful city of Biograd na moru at the Croatian seaside. Backline for this year live performances will be provided by Zildjian's Croatian distributer, Euromusic Agency/Music Centar. The show will be broadcasted on Croatian National Television (HRT) on Sunday at 9PM so if you have a chance, be sure to watch. Some of the artists that will play live this year are TBF, Elemental, Kinoklub, Bambi Molesters, and Markiz.

Porin is the most prestigious discography award in Croatia established in 1993 and covers all musical ranges from pop to rock, ethno, jazz and classical music. It is also a very significant award for musicians as a professional award since the nominees are selected by fellow professional musicians, composers, music editors, music producers, arranggers, and critics.

For more on the awards, go here.

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