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2011 Kerope Zildjian Scholarship Winner

2011 Kerope Zildjian Scholarship Winner

Recognizing an outstanding student percussionist who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate music program.

Zildjian is pleased to announce that Chad Crummel is the winner of the 2011 Kerope Zildjian Scholarship. A senior at the University of Texas - Austin, Crummel is a student of Tom Burritt and Tony Edwards.

The first round of the competition was judged by Neil Grover and Richard Flanagan of the Boston Symphony and Pops. Three finalists were chosen and their unmarked CDs were sent to Cynthia Yeh, Principal Percussionist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Yeh chose Crummel as the 2011 Kerope Scholarship recipient.

The finalists were Tristan Boyd from the University of Texas-Austin, also a student of Tom Burritt and Tony Edwards, and Tyler Tolles from the University of North Texas, a student of Mark Ford.

Established to pay tribute to Kerope Zildjian, who presided over one of the most storied periods in Zildjian history (1895-1909), the scholarship is intended to encourage and reward percussionists in their pursuit of performing excellence. As the 2011 Kerope Zildjian Scholarship winner, Crummel receives a $5,000 scholarship, a selection of cymbals of his choice, and an all expenses paid trip to the Zildjian Factory where he will meet the Zildjian family, tour the factory, and personally choose his cymbals.

For more information on the Kerope Zildjian Scholarship, go here.

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