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Ash Soan and Neal Wilkinson Pocket Club Tour

Ash Soan and Neal Wilkinson Pocket Club Tour

Coming through Belfast and The Republic of Ireland

Ash Soan and Neal Wilkinson, two of the UK's most respected and successful session players, will join forces in September to inspire and inform the next generation of UK drumming talent with an eleven-date nationwide tour which also takes the artists to Belfast and The Republic of Ireland.

Organizers (Yamaha) point out that the concept of the Pocket Club Tour and the content of the events will be very different from the traditional "clinic" format. Ash Soan told us, "With this tour we are aiming to bring it back to what the instrument is actually about; what its musical 'job' is. We’re not going to be playing riffs at a million miles an hour and bombarding audiences with content so complicated it's almost impossible to replicate. In my (and Neal's) view, that's not the most effective strategy for inspiring budding drummers, or, more importantly, for getting work!"

The tour will instead take a fresh approach; the emphasis will be on providing audiences with knowledge that they can realistically take on board, focusing on how you can be a great drummer by taking a more simplistic approach to playing. Both artists point out that this philosophy is the most effective method to becoming commercially successful. And they should know; between them they are the drummers of choice for many of the UK's major artists including Robbie Williams, Van Morrison, Adele, Olly Murs, Cee Lo Green, James Morrison, and Duffy.

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Tour Dates are as follows (subject to change):

City - Date - Venue

Swansea - 5th September - Drumnutt
Poole - 6th September - Absolute Music
London - 7th September - London Drum Company
Eastbourne - 8th September - Bonners Music
Cannock - 12th September - Arcade Music
Lincoln - 13th September - Lincoln Drum Centre
Gateshead - 14th September - Drum Shop
Manchester - 19th September - Drum Centre
Co. Kildare - 20th September - Naas Drum Centre
Belfast - 21st September - Mr. Drums
Glasgow - 22nd September - Rhythm Base

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