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Zildjian Drummer Love Tour Blog

Zildjian Drummer Love Tour

We hit the road with Robert Downs to visit the winners

For 12 days, Zildjian and iconic rock photographer, Robert Downs, hit the road to visit all of the winners from the Zildjian Drummer Love Contest. All in all, we handed out 36 cymbals, 144 sticks, traveled 6,500 miles, rented 4 SUVs, 5 hotel rooms, 4 lost hotel keys, 1 broken pair of sunglasses, 1 tube of crazy glue (to repair said sunglasses), thousands of photos taken, 6 +100 degree days, and many good times later, the tour concluded. We had an amazing time and it was all captured.

Head over to the Zildjian Drummer Love Tour Blog and see a sample of the photos, get a behind-the-scenes look at the Photo Shoot, read about the travels in Robert's blog, and more!

For some extra photos, head over to Zildjian's Facebook Page.

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