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Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker to Tour with The Jonas Hellborg Group

Touring throughout Europe

Ginger Baker and Jonas Hellborg played together for the first time 1985 on the now legendary Public image Ltd. recording Album. Several tours and albums ensued, such as Middle Passage and Unseen Rain. Many prominent musicians have collaborated with the duo through the years, Bill Laswell, Bernie Worell, Jens Johansson, to name just a few.

As a rare opportunity, Ginger Baker has agreed to do this tour to give European audiences a chance to sample his still unparalleled approach to drum kit playing, while highly influential on all the generations that came after him, never fully emulated by any other drummer. Ginger Baker is the Jazz Drummer whose head was turned around by drum legend Phil Seamen introducing him to African drumming. Taking this unique fusion as the rhythmical backbone in forming groups like Cream and Blind Faith, he elevated the art of drumming in popular music.

The Jonas Hellborg Group featuring Ginger Baker is musically founded on this Afrocentric approach to rhythm, pinned down by master drummer Abas Dodoo and made complete by one of the most spectacular guitar players on the planet, Regi Wooten.

On this tour, Ginger will be playing:
22" A Custom Ping Ride - Riveted
20" A Medium Ride
18" A Fast Crash
10" EFX
8" A Splash
15" A New Beats Hi Hats

Do not miss this chance to experience another groundbreaking musical ensemble.

Tour Dates:

- 28 Sept: Aarburg, CH @ Moonwalker (get tickets here)
- 29 Sept: Rubingen, CH @ Muhle
- 30 Sept: Stuttgart, DE @ Bix
- 1 Oct: Enns, AT @ Zuckerfabrik
- 2 Oct: Waldkraiburg, DE @ Haus Der Kultur
- 3 Oct: Salzburg, AT @ Rockhouse
- 4 Oct: Ried, AT @ KiK
- 5 Oct: Innsbruck, AT @ Treibhaus
- 6 Oct: Dornbirn, AT @ Spielboden
- 7 Oct: Greifenburg, AT @ Kultursaal
- 8 Oct: Vienna, AT @ Porgy & Bess
- 9 Oct: Gleisdorf, AT @ Forum Kloster
- 10 Oct: Maribor, SL @ Narodni Dom
- 11 Oct: Freiburg, DE @ Jazzhaus
- 12 Oct: Aschaffenburg, DE @ Colos Saal (get tickets here)
- 13 Oct: Berlin, DE @ Quasimodo
- 14 Oct: Dresden, DE @ Tante Ju
- 15 Oct: Roth, DE @ Kulturfabrik
- 16 Oct: Bonn, DE @ Harmonie

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