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Welcome New Artists from India

Introducing our newest Zildjian Artists from India

Zildjian has always been proud of our Artist Roster and the diverse drummers that make up our worldwide community. In 2012 we had the pleasure of visiting with a few of our drummers from India – some who have been with us for a while, like Sivamani, and others who are new to our family such as Willy Demoz.

We thought we would introduce the newest members of our Roster from India - it never ceases to amaze us how much common ground drummers around the world share!

Lindsay D'Mello - Lindsay started out playing in a local rock band Witchammer in Mumbai but later moved on to become one of the most sought after drummers;  playing with great artists like Lucky Ali, Dhruv Ghanekar etc,  as well as being a music composer and covering various styles from funk to jazz.

Adrian D'Souza - At the age of 5 Adrian discovered his passion for drums and from then on, there was no stopping him. He studied drums in New York and has played with some of the best musicians in the world. He's one of the top jazz drummers in India. He's played numerous festivals worldwide.

Wilfred Demoz - Wilfred plays for The Raghu Dixit Project one of India's biggest folk rock bands. He has toured USA, Europe, UK and even Mexico with Raghu and has played all over the country. He has more than eight years of experience playing live and in the studio, and has built up a reputation for being a tight, energetic and technically competent player who can handle a wide range of musical genres with conviction.

Jeoraj George - works as a session musician for various jazz, pop, and rock  bands. He has performed with some of the most prominent artists like Amit Heri, , Madhav Chari, Leslie Lewis, George Brooks, Maarten Visser and also performs with various fusion projects with Indian Classical musicians like  Sudha Raghunathan, Hariharan,Sankar Mahadevan, Embar Kannan, Ravichandra Kulur, Thiruvaroor Vaidyanathan, Trichur Mohan and Giridhar Uduppa.In addition, Jeoraj has recorded for Oscar and Grammy winning artist A.R.Rahman and  has performed live with  him in India and abroad.

Vinayak Pol - Vinayak is an Indian Percussionist and a Drummer who has crossed over in to Jazz-Rock fusion and world music genres. Starting out with local rock band Medusa and touring the UK with them he moved on and toured India with a legendry piano player RICHARD CLYDERMAN and RAHUL SHARMA. He is also part of a drummers trinity called Pulse Conversation with fellow Zildjian endorses Gino Banks and Jai Row Kavi. Vinayak also teaches drums at the Furtado’s School Of Music.

Arun Kumar - Arun over the years, has carved a niche for himself in the world of percussion as one of the few drummers who does inter-disciplinary music. For the past fifteen years, Arun has been sharing the stage with Indian classical music’s geniuses like Ghatam maestro Vikku Vinayakram, Tabla maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain, Tavil maestros Haridwaramangalam A K Palanivel, Mannargudi Vasudevan, Mutthu Kumaraswamy, Ghatam maestro V Suresh and Khanjira maestro Selva Ganesh. Arun also has been performing with India’s renowned Jazz musicians like Ranjit Barot, Amit Heri, Karl Peters, Louis Banks, Gino Banks and Keith Peters.

Aditya Ashok - One of the youngest new Indian drummers Aditya Ashok exploded on the local scene and worked his way up to playing sessions with some of the country’s top bands as well as working on his own music.

Amit Kilam - For over 2 decades Amit Kilam has been drumming with the pioneering Indian rock band Indian Ocean. Amit’s drumming is a balance between the conventional and non-conventional. Largely self-taught, he believes in layering rhythm rather than a heavy drum layer, since he believes in simplicity, not technical wizardry, thus becoming the backbone of the solid sound that the band has. He incorporates Indian rhythms into his drumming in a unique fashion.

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