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Zildjian Education Clinics

Highlights of Zildjian Sponsored Clinics around the World

The Zildjian Education Department has sponsored many clinics over the past few months:

In January, the Meehan and Perkins Duo did a master class and clinic at the University of Houston. Meehan and Perkins both attended student performances at the school and provided the students with technical feedback and suggestions on improving their various practice techniques.

.       tim-genis
Boston Symphony Orchesta member, Tim Genis, did a clinic tour in January and February of 2012. Included in the tour was Depaul University in Chicago, IL on January 22nd, Peabody University in Baltimore, MD on January 30th and Julliard School of Music in New York, NY on February 5th. His clinic focused on orchestral percussion and audition preparation.

     On February 8th David Northrup presented a drum clinic at the Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse, NY.

February 11th and 12th was the 2012 PAS KoSA NYU “Weekend of Percussion.”  Percussion clinics and speakers included Zildjian artists Shawn Pelton, Jim Saporito, Ji Hy Jung and Garry Kvistad.  Shawn Pelton, drummer for the Saturday Night Live Band, demonstrated what it's like to play live on the show versus playing a concert or in the studio . Jim Saporito, percussionist for the New York City Ballet, discused his role as an "accompaniment player" and the challenges this poses for a percussionist. Ji Hye Jung’s clinic focused on Marimba and Garry Kvistad mainly discussed the music world from a  business perspective.

Gwen Thrasher presented a master class, clinic and recital at the University of Central Florida on February 16th and 17th. The clinic compared marimba sound production and its relationship to other percussion instruments, like orchestral crash cymbals. Gwen stressed the importance of creating a quality sounds on all instruments and how your sound is your voice.

Frank Epstein of the Boston Symphony Orchestra visited Florida International University on February 20th for an orchestral cymbal clinic.
Fran's new book "Cymbalism" was the basis of his presentation.

Skip Hadden, professor at Berklee College of Music, visited Poland for several student workshops.  Included in the visit was a clinic at the Bednarshka College in Warsaw, Poland and a seminar at the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland.

On March 9th  Zildjian hosted a large group of percussion students from the Berklee College of Music.    The students were treated to a clinic presentation by jazz drummer John Riley, faculty at the Manhattan School of Music, as well as an exclusive tour of the factory.  

John Riley also did a clinic on March 15th at Oklahoma City University.  His clinic focused on jazz drumming techniques and stick control.

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