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2012 LIPA Prize Winner

Zildjian Congratulates Samantha Lubin of LIPA

Winner of the Avedis Zildjian Awardt the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

Samantha Lubin, winner of the Avedis Zildjian Award at the UK’s Liverpool Institute of Music (LIPA) recently visited the UK’s Artist Facility to personally select her prize from the Artist Cymbal Vault. The Avedis Zildjian Award at LIPA is given annually to a talented, dedicated and hardworking individual.

The Zildjian Company is honored to be associated with LIPA, which opened in 1996 to forge a new approach to performing arts training.  It was co-founded by Lead Patron, Sir Paul McCartney (The Beatles) and Mark Featherstone-Witty (LIPA's Principal), and is housed in his old school, which underwent a multi-million pound renovation to transform it into a state-of-the-art, performing arts higher education institution.

Today LIPA is an acknowledged part of the UK’s higher education provision for the performing arts, recognized and ranked alongside institutions many years older. LIPA provides education and training for the mandatory skills needed for putting on a show, for both performers and those who makes performance possible.

Samantha Lubin is a drummer and percussionist with a versatile range of live performance and session work to her name. Samantha got her first drum kit on her fourth birthday and was determined to embark on a career as a drummer. Samantha's previous work includes performing and recording with some of the Caribbean’s finest bands and musicians, including four time Barbados Reggae Artist of the Year: Buggy Nhakente, and renowned Caribbean band, Masala. Samantha accompanied singer-songwriter Nadya Shanab during her tour to Egypt in 2008, performing in world-class venues such as the Cairo Jazz Club. During the summer of 2010, Samantha took the opportunity to tour and perform with the sensational Spanish singer-songwriter and musician, Depedro, performing in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Samantha also worked alongside legendary record producers, Alan Moulder and Flood while they were mixing The Killers album, Sam's Town, which has sold over four million copies worldwide.

Samantha graduated from LIPA in July 2011 with a BA (Hons) degree in Music. Prior to her degree, Samantha completed The Diploma in Popular Music and Sound Technology at LIPA.

Samantha is currently working and performing regularly with Liverpool legend John O'Connell, both nationally and abroad.

Samantha says:  “I am really honored to have been awarded the Avedis Zildjian Prize! Zildjian has always been my favorite make of cymbal, so to be given the award from the company was a fantastic feeling. During the four years I spent studying at LIPA I learned an invaluable amount about the music industry while developing my playing and knowledge as a drummer. I learned from a range of teachers, who are all working musicians. The knowledge and experience that they shared during my time at LIPA has helped me to prepare for a working career within the industry. Throughout my tuition at LIPA, I became accustomed to using Zildjian cymbals, so when I was given the opportunity to visit the Zildjian Artist facility in London, it was a great privilege. Throughout my time at the facility, I was made to feel extremely welcome by Tina Clarke (pictured right), the International Artist Relations Manager and Bob Wiczling (pictured left), the International Marketing Manager. They both offered me some really great career advice and made my day very special.”

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