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Drummer Love Europe Photo Tour Kicks off Today!

July 9th marks the start of the 10 day tour

Last October, the Zildjian Crew began preparing for Drummer Love Europe. Today, the photo shoot tour of our winners kicks off. Nearly 10 months of contest excitement has led up to capturing these moments on film. It’s a whirlwind trek for our team, covering six countries in just 10 days. Each drummer gets “Rock Star” treatment from iconic photographer, Robert Downs who has shot the A to Z in the drumming world - Aronoff, Barker, Copeland...  Robert has been tasked again by Zildjian to shine a spotlight on a few of the best, up-and-coming drummers across Europe, as chosen by you.

Starting today, we’ll be sharing Robert’s thoughts and photos of the tour. We invite you to follow along at for highlights of each of the winner's shoots, and to see all the fun from the road as it happens in our facebook albumREADY, SET, JET!

Los Angeles CA – sometime before the tour….
It's about 10:30PM in Los Angeles and I just left a four and a half session at the Funny Farm tattoo shop with a new piece on my right arm. I'm kind-of hungry. The only thing open in this hidden away section of Los Angeles tonight is a small gyro shop on the corner named El Greco. I stumble in and find a table near the window. My attention to my throbbing right arm is quickly interrupted when a lovely waitress with a heavy Russian accent says, "Welcome"!

I order a gyro the size of my head and then like a ton of bricks it hits me. In a few weeks, I will be in Russia, holy crap! I attempt to explain this to the waitress but she doesn’t seem that interested or maybe it's just not that big a deal… but it is to me.

London England – July 8th
Shooting in Europe has long been a goal of mine as a photographer. There have been many defining moments in my career. First there was getting my first cover shoot, then there was shooting in NY (Photog Mecca) and now, here I sit in small cafe in the West End of London waiting for the shoot of a lifetime to begin.

The Zildjian Drummer Love Europe photo shoots will take me to Ireland, Russia, Spain, Germany, France and then back to England. I am so excited, I can't wait to begin. I could not be more ready, physically, mentally and photographically. As I sit here watching the rain on this chilly English morning, all I can think is "bring it on."

Zildjian Drummer Love Tour Dates:
July 9th – Ireland – Ben Wanders
July 10th – UK – Lucas Parlato
July 12th – Russia – Anton Nikitin
July 14th – Spain – Deivhook
July 16th – Germany – Joel Asbach
July 17th – France - Geoffroy Sourp

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