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2012 Kerope Scholarship

Zildjian Announces The 2013 Kerope Zildjian Concert Percussion Scholarship

Recognizing an outstanding student percussionist currently enrolled in an undergraduate music program

The Zildjian family is pleased to announce the 2013 Kerope Zildjian Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes an outstanding student percussionist who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate music program. In addition to the $5000 tuition award, the scholarship recipient will win a trip to the Zildjian factory in Norwell, Massachusetts to select complimentary cymbals.

The scholarship is an opportunity for the Zildjian family to pay tribute to Kerope Zildjian who presided over one of the most storied periods in the Company’s history. From 1865 until his death in 1909 in Constantinople, Kerope continued to develop the classic K. Zildjian sound, coveted by the world’s greatest percussionists. In memory of Kerope’s deep commitment to the art of craftsmanship, the Zildjian family established this scholarship to encourage and reward percussionists in their pursuit of performing excellence.

To be considered for the scholarship, applications must be postmarked by May 31, 2013.

To download a scholarship application and guidelines, and  the cymbal etude sheet music, visit the scholarship section on our website.

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