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Introducing Zildjian Sound Legacy

New looks and a more streamlined product offering in 2013.

Introducing Zildjian Sound Legacy
New looks and more streamlined product offerings are just a few of the exciting new developments at Zildjian in 2013!

To help mark our 390th Anniversary, we’re launching a new campaign “Sound Legacy.”  Sound Legacy celebrates Zildjian’s legacy cymbal sounds and the artists who have made them famous. Throughout the years, you’ve told us how important our history, tradition, and legacy are to you. You’ve spoken about the great artists associated with Zildjian sounds and your aspirations to play like these great artists.

Sounds have defined drummers for generations. Their distinctive voice. A signature sound unlike any other. We’ve been there with drummers on their quest for that certain sound that defines them and their music. We understand their constant pursuit of perfection, their drive to give voice to the sounds inside them and be the best they can be. At Zildjian, their drive defines our vision. To follow the music. To build upon a centuries old history of cymbal making that has given the world the legacy A, K, and Gen16 sounds. To anticipate the sounds of the next generation of drummers. Continually pushing the boundaries of cymbal making. We remain dedicated to building on our rich heritage while embracing the future. Every day we strive to help drummers like you find your sound. When you strike a Zildjian cymbal you know where it's been and where it can take you. You’re part of a proud heritage of drumming. From Buddy to Barker and all the drummers who will follow.  Welcome to the Sound Legacy.

Zildjian Families of Cymbals
This year, we’ve streamlined and re-organized our families of cymbals to simplify our product offerings. We looked at our top selling models, drummer preferences, and musical trends to put together a collection of our best cymbals, sizes and weight ranges, with a diverse spectrum of bright, dark and blended sounds.

Re-designed A Zildjian Line, Introduction of New Models, and an Updated Logo
We listened to drummers when they told us that our A Zildjian line needed to be dialed into the essence of that classic sound. The Zildjian Sound Lab has made adjustments to the curvature and weights of our current line to capture the sweet spot of the A sound, producing the best crashes, rides, and hats that reflect today’s musical styles. Also in 2013, were reintroducing the 19” and 20” Thin Crashes and 20” Medium Thin Crash, and introducing a new 23” Sweet Ride  -- all in response to drummers’ requests for larger, thinner models. The entire A Zildjian line will have an updated logo beginning in 2013.

The Z3 line will be discontinued in 2013; however, ten popular models have been retained in the A Zildjian Family, with some renamed Heavy As.  Four Crash models – 16” – 19” are classified as Heavy Crashes.  Also moving over to the A Zildjian line are the 15” Heavy Hats, 19” & 21” Ultra Hammered Chinas, 19” Thrash Ride, 21” Mega Bell Ride and 22” Medium Heavy Ride.  The ZXT Cymbal Line has also been discontinued, with the Trashformer now moving to the A Family under the FX Line.

Zildjian Family Changes

New Look and Models for ZBT & ZHT
This year will also feature a new look and new models in the ZBT and ZHT lines.  Available in the summer of 2013, ZBT will feature lathing on both sides of the cymbal, a traditional finish, and a newly re-designed logo.  New models will include the 22” ZBT Ride and 17” and 19” ZBT Crashes.  All ZBT Rock models as well as the 8” and 12” ZBT Splashes will be discontinued in 2013.  The ZHT line will feature a new logo beginning in the Summer of 2013.


ZHT:  New logo available in Summer 2013


ZBT:  New logo, lathing, and traditional finish available in Summer 2013


New Direct Source Pickup for Gen16
In 2013, we’re introducing a new Direct Source Pickup that allows for more accurate cymbal definition, audio articulation, and tone shaping.  The new Direct Source Pickup can be used with the existing Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP) to amplify and control Gen16 cymbals.


Gen16 Direct Source Pick Up

 We hope you’re as excited about these new developments this year as we are!  Thank you for making Zildjian a part of your music. 

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