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Cesar Zuiderwijk Celebrates His 65th Birthday

The driving force behind Golden Earring’s ‘Radar Love’ song, celebrated with a surprise party!

Cesar Z 65th Birthday Cymbal

Cesar Zuiderwijk, the drummer with Dutch Rock Band ‘Golden Earring’, and the driving force behind Golden Earring’s ‘Radar Love’ song, celebrated his 65th Birthday with a surprise party held by his family, friends and industry colleagues.

Cesar was picked up by a limousine and whisked to the Diligentia Theatre in The Hague, where he was greeted outside the theatre by many drummers playing the intro of ‘Radar Love’ on their snare drums.

Inside the theatre many drummer friends were waiting for him, including John Engels, Kim Weemhof and Lucas van Merwijk. They reminded Cesar about his famous jumping over the kit at the end of each show, some admitted that they had also wanted to copy Cesar and jump over their kit, but had changed their minds when they stood on their drum chair and saw how dangerous it was!

The evening included many live performances, between which celebratory video messages from drummers including, Lars Ulrich, Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Ian Paice, Chester Thompson, Carl Palmer, Dennis Chambers, Rick Latham and Simon Phillips were shown.  The Companies who have supported Cesar throughout his career also sent video message of congratulations, including Craigie Zildjian and Debbie Zildjian from the Zildjian Company, Remo Belli from Remo and Max Ishii from Pearl.

Maybe the biggest surprise of the evening for Cesar was the guest appearance of his drumming hero Brian Bennett, the legendary drummer and fellow Zildjian artists of the UK band ‘The Shadows’. Cesar was inspired to play drums from an early age when he heard Brian playing the drum solo to hit Little B in 1962. Cesar admitted that he played that specific solo all the time on a pickle can and that he still owns the original can! The emotions ran high as Cesar joined Brian to play the drum solo of Little B together.

Happy 65th Birthday Cesar and congratulations of 50 years being a Zildjian Artist.

Cesar posted a message on his Facebook page reading:
Damnit, I'm still in a happy shock. It nearly killed me you motherfu$*&rs!!!! My birthday party was the greatest surprise anyone could ever have. I felt like a little kid in a huge toy shop. Meeting my drum hero Brian Bennett was a true highlight of my life. Speechless. Big kisses and thanks to my wife Hester, Casper and Selma. HUGE hugs to Rob & Fred. Many thanks and warm hugs to my entire family and friends. Thanks to the entire Earring family & crew. Thanks to my musical friends who were there. Thanks to all you out there for the bDay wishes via facebook and twitter. I couldn't even type a message back, because I was (and still am) shaky . X from CEEEEEEEEEEESSSSAAARRRRRR!!!! ♥'

Cesar and Brian Bennett

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