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Gen16 Nickel Plated

Reduced Pricing for 2014

Gen16 Nickel Plated Cymbals

Cymbals are a very important voice within a drumset and each drummer has their preference for their cymbal voice. For this reason, the original Gen16 nickel plated cymbal will continue to be available, however, now at a reduced price. Zildjian has lowered the price of its "gen one" model as it introduced its "gen two" offering.

Singles are perfect for reduced volume applications; Drum Lesson Rooms, Practice, Acoustic Stage, etc.

PART #         MODEL                                               MSRP      
G16A12S      12” Splash (w/o pickup)                       $189.00    
G16A14C      14” Crash (w/o pickup)                        $224.00   
G16A16C      16” Crash (w/o pickup)                        $249.00   
G16A16CH    16” China (w/o pickup)                        $189.00   
G16A18C       18" Crash (w/o pickup)                       $319.00    
G16A18CR    18" Crash / Ride (w/o pickup)             $319.00   
G16A20R       20" Ride (w/o pickup)                         $349.00   
G16A13HP    13" HH Pair (w/o pickup)                     $348.00   
G16A14HP    14" HH Pair (w/o pickup)                     $448.00   
G16A13HT    13" HH Top (w/o pickup)                      $174.00   
G16A13HB    13" HH Bottom (w/o pickup)                 $174.00   
G16A14HT    14" HH Top (w/o pickup)                      $224.00   
G16A14HB    14" HH Bottom (w/o pickup)                 $224.00  


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