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Soan, Gould, Richardson. A UK Drumming Extravaganza

Zildjian is happy to support Sakae Drummers Live 2014

Zildjian is happy to support Sakae Drummers Live 2014
Underworld, Camden London
Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

This trilogy of top UK drummers bring their large personalities and amazing drumming skills to the stage, playing along to some of their best-known tracks and entertaining with anecdotes from their time in the music industry. You’ll pick up invaluable drumming tips and learn from their knowledge and experience in the UK drumming scene. You’ll also get the opportunity to grill each drummer after their performance in a series of onstage Q&A sessions.

Ash Soan is one of the UK’s top session drummers. As well as a glittered history of recording with international stars such as Adele, Celine Dion, Seal, Cher, Cee Lo Green, Robbie Williams, Billy Idol and James Morrison, Ash appears on our TV screens every Saturday night occupying the house band drum seat on BBC’s ‘The Voice’. Ash is also currently touring the UK with his former band Del Amitri.

Phil Gould is a drumming legend, known worldwide for his writing and playing skills in the band he co-formed, Level 42. A stalwart of drumming clinics, Phil never fails to impress with his influential drumming style.

Mark Richardson is best known as one-quarter of popular rock band Skunk Anansie. His intense yet controlled drumming style, along with a healthy 6 million record sales worldwide for Skunk, Feeder and Little Angels, has won Mark many loyal followers.

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This event is promoted by Sakae Drums UK/SVM Percussion. R.O.A.R.
NUS ticket holders must show card on the door for admittance.
For further details email Ryan or call him at 0116 2304926

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