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Zildjian News | March Mania lg

Zildjian's A Custom March Mania

You decide the ultimate A Custom Cymbals!

The results are in!  Here are the Ultimate Four A Custom Cymbal Models!

Zildjian News | Tournament Bracket Week 3

14” A Custom Hats vs 14” A Custom MasterSound Hats
WINNER: 14” A Custom MasterSound HiHats

18" A Custom Crash  vs 19” A Custom Medium Crash
WINNER: 18” A Custom Crash

20” A Custom Ping vs 21" A Custom Anniversary Ride
WINNER: 21" A Custom Anniversary Ride

14" A Custom EFX vs 18” A Custom EFX
WINNER: 18” A Custom EFX

Stay tuned for details next week on how you can win one of these Ultimate Four Models in Zildjian's March Mania A Custom Sweepstakes!

Winners must be a registered memeber of Zildjian's Z Club with a completed profile. If you're not a member already, why not join now!

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