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Zildjian Celebrates Make Music Day Boston

With a cymbal jungle on the Boston Common

Zildjian News | Make Music Day Boston Extra

On June 21st, Boston joined over 800 cities around the world by presenting a free outdoor music festival for all, in celebration of International Make Music Day. Maria Finkelmeier, percussionist and director the inaugural event, made sure that percussion music was well represented. At 1:00 pm on the Boston Common, 30 cymbals were set up! Professionals, students, and passersby were instructed to choose one of six directions, including "create the sound of a wave" or "strike cymbal, count to your age, repeat" and change whenever a drum was played. The result was truly a "jungle of sound"!

On October 13th, Kādence Arts and Zildjian will once again present a special percussion event at the Opening Our Doors Festival, hosted by the Fenway Alliance. Around 30 cymbals will be set up this time on Huntington Avenue, welcoming any professionals, students, children, adults and passersby to play. Once again, participants will choose an action from a list of instructions and strike the cymbals accordingly. We're looking forward to this next "Jungle of Sound" event!

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