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24 Career Mistakes to Avoid

From our Worldwide Family of Zildjian Artists

There’s no such thing as mistakes…only learning experiences. OK…But if there were such things as a mistakes, here are a few our Artists have made in their careers. And you knowing about them now, may help you avoid making them in yours.

We asked what they felt the biggest mistake of their career was. Here's what they told us.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Bernhard Schimpelsberger AC

1. Bernhard Schimpelsberger – UK, Independent
I don’t look at life as mistakes. Everything is an experience and helps you grow. I have made a few decisions that I would take differently today, but that’s only because I have more experience now. In general don’t be afraid to look bad. Only if you push yourself and don’t fear looking bad ("make mistakes") will you grow.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | James Payne AC

2. James Payne – Italy, Hour Of Penance
Choosing one band over another one only for the immediate earnings. Follow your heart, money will be a consequence. 

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ben Gordon AC

3. Ben Gordon – Australia, Parkway Drive
Not studying drums at a younger age. Not taking it seriously when I was younger. Not playing to a click when I first started.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Marito Marques2

4. Marito Marques – Portugal, Independent
It's important to research and follow weather information if you have various gigs in a row so you know what you can commit to. I had 2 tours back-to-back and I got stuck in the Azores Islands because of high winds for a whole week. I missed the first concert of a 2-month tour in Poland. Luckily a back-up drummer was able to play that concert, but it was frustrating and stressful being stuck on an Island, not being able to catch a flight. We always learn from our mistakes!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Barry Van Zyl

5. Barry Van Zyl - South Africa, Johnny Clegg
Not being ready & prepared for a big break when it came knocking..

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Joe Clegg

6. Joe Clegg – UK, Ellie Goulding
Thinking I was ready to be a professional... I later learned that you are never ready, just at the next step, with a lot more still to learn.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Richard Jupp AC

7. Rick Jupp – UK, Elbow
Not learning the Piano!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Antonio Sanchez

8. Antonio Sanchez – USA, Pat Metheny
I wish I would’ve started composing music earlier on. I do it a lot now but it took me a long time to get the hang of it.

9. Lucas van Merwijk – Germany, Independent
Turning down the offer to tour with Paul McCartney!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Gavin Harrison

10. Gavin Harrison – UK, Porcupine Tree/King Crimson
Not enough practice.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Toni Mateos

11. Toni Mateos – Spain, Independent
Relying on memory at random is important. Murphy's Law exists. If anything can go wrong it will go wrong! Leave no stone unturned.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Kent Slucher

12. Kent Slucher – USA, Luke Bryan Band
One night I blew up onstage because my ear pack cut completely out, totally unprofessional and uncalled for, I was reacting to the moment but it was definitely the wrong reaction. It's been a couple years but I still think about that from time to time.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Roberto Gualdi

13. Roberto Gualdi – Italy, Independent
I've been lucky enough so far. Maybe sometimes, years ago, I could’ve been a little less stiff in my opinions, but it's ok... I'm still alive.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Jason Bittner

14. Jason Bittner – USA, Shadows Fall
Going from a smaller Indie Label (Century Media) to signing to with major label. I know this is a harsh thing to say, but I've been bitter over this for many years because I feel it caused our band to lose fans with their "misguiding" of our ship. We lost control for a few years and I think that ended up hurting us in the long run.

It was a typical "Behind The Music" situation. The Major Label liked the IDEA of a thrash metal band but had no IDEA how to market us, or advance our career, so it decided to water down our music instead; creating a record that was a critical success, apparently, but not a fan favorite. I feel this is where things "changed" for us. I let it bother me a lot but have now accepted it. I just try to focus on the future and not dwell on the past...........we all make mistakes. Live and Learn.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Mike Gaspar

15. Mike Gaspar – Portugal, Moonspell
This one is hard. You learn from your mistakes and over 20 years you can make a lot of them. The biggest mistake is learning so much at a young age and trying to handle everything without truly grasping why and how you create success. Instead of enjoying it and taking advantage of a good hype around the band, we took things in a different direction. You learn from it and we did!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Tobias Derer

16. Tobias Derer – Germany, You Tuber – Ultimate Music Covers (UMC)
Not practicing daily.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Matt Greiner

17. Matt Greiner – USA, August Burns Red
I got off from the click track at a festival in the UK called Download and we had to stop playing and then resume quickly before anyone asked questions.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Daniel Hanson

18. Daniel Hanson – Australia, Ball Park Music
Losing a stick in a fast 7/8 section and having a lot of trouble gathering a spare. Not something I ever anticipated would happen...

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Stephen Perkins

19. Stephen Perkins – USA, Janes Addiction
Not collecting more vintage Zildjian Cymbals.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Gary Husband

20. Gary Husband – UK, Independent
I've made a few too many to list here I'm afraid!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Steve White AC

21. Steve White – UK, Independent/Trio Valore
Everything happens for a reason, I have no regrets.

Zildjian Buzz Roll | Brooks Wackerman

22. Brooks Wackerman – USA, Bad Religion
Using Splash Cymbals in Bad Religion.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Fredrik Lrzon AC

23. Fredrik Larzon – Sweden, Millencolin
No regrets. Some accidents like a broken elbow once, and broken collarbone on another occasion. So watching my band from the side was very frustrating, but also a bit interesting.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll John Tempesta

24. John Tempesta – USA, The Cult
Mistakes are something you learn from to get better.

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