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25 Favorite Cover Songs To Play

From our Worldwide Family of Zildjian Artists

What's Your Favorite Cover Song to Play?

Is it a rockin’ Zeppelin tune, a grooving Gospel song, or a super technical, double bass filled Dream Theater challenge? Check out what songs our worldwide team of Zildjian Artists like to jam out on for fun. You may just find a new favorite here too!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ash Soan AC

1. Ash Soan, UK, Recording Artist
I love Grace Jones's “Slave To The Rhythm”, love the groove and arrangement my friends Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson did with that song. We play it often at shows.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ben Gordon AC

2. Ben Gordon – Australia, Parkway Drive
“Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, because it’s an epic song and very open to add your own ideas and fills.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Jason Bittner

3. Jason Bittner – USA, Shadows Fall
“Tom Sawyer” by Rush. I love Neil and this was/is always a challenge for me to play it right - thankfully Neil says it's a hard song too, so that always makes me feel better :-)

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll John Tempesta

4. John Tempesta – US, The Cult 
That's a tough one - I would have to say “Stargazer” from Rainbow. Cozy Powell is one of my idols and when that intro kicks in, it's so powerful!!!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Joe Clegg

5. Joe Clegg - UK, Ellie Goulding
Queens Of The Stone Age - "No One Knows" (No explanation required)!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Richard Jupp AC

6. Richard Jupp – UK, Elbow
“The Wizard” by Black Sabbath.......why? Bill Ward.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Matt Greiner

7. Matt Greiner – USA, August Burns Red
Usher – “Caught Up”

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Simon Scheibel

8. Simon Scheibel – Germany, Lake Cisco
Bruno Mars – “Locked out of Heaven”. I like the different grooves and feels in the verse, chorus and bridges. You have a lot of room for nice fills. You can interpret every groove in your own way.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Fredrik Lrzon AC

9. Fredrik Larzon – Sweden, Millencolin
We don't play many covers but sometimes we do "Knowledge" by the band Operation Ivy. That band inspired us a lot back when we formed our band. Played the Bad Religion songs "American Jesus" and "21st Century DIgital Boy" with Mr. Brett (from the band) at our 10 year anniversary about 12 years back; pretty awesome indeed!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Daniel Platzman

10. Daniel Platzman – USA, Imagine Dragons
“I Would Walk 500 Miles” by the Proclaimers.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Antonio Sanchez

11. Antonio Sanchez – USA, Pat Metheny
“Good Times Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin. John Bonham is one of my heroes and his laid back approach has always moved me. His single BD pedal work on this is great.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Venzella Joy

12. Venzella Joy – USA, Beyonce
One of my favorite cover songs to warm up with is “Steam” by Daft Punk. I also like covering “Blind” by Mary Mary and “Stache” by Zedd.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Pierre Nakano AC

13. Pierre Nakano – Japan, Ling Toshite Shigure
Anything by SlipKnot!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Toni Mateos
14. Toni Mateos - Spain
"Soul with a capital S", by Tower of Power. Great groove, amazing fills, incredible drum patterns!!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Kent Slucher

15. Kent Slucher – USA, Luke Bryan Band
We use to do Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” in our set; such a fun song to play because of its energy, can't go wrong with Bruno Mars.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Jacopo Volpe

16. Jacopo Volpe – Italy, Vanilla Sky
Led Zeppelin – “Rock 'n Roll” because it’s the best drum intro ever!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ithan Haydar

17. Ihan Haydar – Denmark, L.I.G.A
Favorite cover song to play is “Wipe Out” by the Surfaris - because you can do so much with this song. There is a lot of space for you to play around.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Darshan Doshi

18. Darshan  Doshi – India, Bollywood /  Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy
“In The Pocket” by Dave Weckl – great writing!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Mike Gaspar

19. Mike Gaspar – Portugal, Moonspell
“Black Nº 1” from Type O Negative. Haven’t done so in a while but we use to play it once in a while live. The song means a lot to me, and the band was a great influence. It’s just the perfect song to sit back and let yourself go.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Bernhard Schimpelsberger AC

20. Bernhard Schimpelsberger – UK, Independent
“Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. The simplicity and weight of the beat is amazing.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Stephen Perkins

21. Stephen Perkins – USA, Jane’s Addiction
Zepp - Dazed and Confused - the feel, the connection between musicians, the power, the sensitivity, the experience – Bonham.
The Who - “Who are You” - a perfectly orchestrated drum performance from top to bottom – Moon.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Kristinn Agnarsson

22. Kristinn "Kiddi" Agnarsson – Iceland, John Grant
Footloose! How much fun is that song!?

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Tobias Derer

23. Tobias Derer – Germany, You Tuber -Ultimate Music Covers (UMC)
All the songs by Ultimate Music Covers (UMC)!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Ivan Panella

24. Ivan Panella – Italy, Hopes Die Last
I could play for hours “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, or any other funky songs that have the same groove!

Zildjian Buzz Roll | Vasily Rudenko

25. Vasily Rudenko – Russia, Elvira T
I don’t really like to play covers, but I like jamming with the songs of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and just any music that fits my mood.

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