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38 Must Have Items On Tour

From our Worldwide Team of Zildjian Artists

What do coffee makers, a good attitude and clean underwear have in common?

They all top the list of “must have” items to take on tour in this week’s Artist Buzz Roll. If you’re getting ready to hit the road with your band this summer, take a look at some of the handy items you’ll want to have in your suitcase.

Brought to you by the guys and gals who spend more time on a tour bus than in their own homes!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Mike Gaspar

1. Mike Gaspar – Portugal, Moonspell
Nowadays it’s all about iPads, computers etc. They keep us entertained and in contact with everyone while on the road. In the past we would take tons of CD´s and movies, books, and even a football to play around with. We are Portuguese and love to eat so on our last tour we had to have a griller on the bus. It makes the tours so much nicer when you can cook!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Bunta

2. Bunta (Tatsuya Sugawara) – Japan, TOTALFAT
Ice packs - because I broke my hip joint, so icing the affected area after every show is a must. And a Canon EOS 6D - I love taking pictures of the many views and friend's shows.

Zildjian Buzz Roll | Brooks Wackerman

3. Brooks Wackerman – USA, Bad Religion
A toothbrush - because it just seems like I should use it.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Alex Salinger

4. Alex Salinger – Australia, Deez Nuts
Clean socks and clean underwear...

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Steve White AC
5. Steve White – UK, Independent /Trio Valore
Lap top, I am a victim of the power of the Mac!! I can listen to music, talk to my kids, watch a movie and generally step outside of the bubble that is touring.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Gary Husband
6. Gary Husband – UK, Independent
Some good quality closed headphones for the plane journeys. Some movies to "switch off" to. Beyond all the stuff, a GOOD ATTITUDE. Keep "up" for the other members... even on the gigs that don't go so well.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll John Tempesta
7. John Tempesta – USA, The Cult
Love my coconut water!

 Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Kent Slucher

8. Kent Slucher – USA, Luke Bryan Band
My shoes. I'm an avid shoe collector so I like having a lot of options :).

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ben Gordon AC
9. Ben Gordon – Australia, Parkway Drive
Board shorts. Because you never know when there might be somewhere good to swim.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ash Soan AC
10. Ash Soan - UK, Recording Artist

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Jason Bittner
11. Jason Bittner – USA, Shadows Fall
An iPod with noise isolating headphones and earplugs...........lots of people I tour with SNORE!!!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Daniel Platzman
12. Daniel Platzman – USA, Imagine Dragons
My special neck pillow.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Gino Banks
13. Gino Banks, India, Independent
My Vic Firth 5A Drumsticks.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Stephen Perkins
14. Stephen Perkins – USA, Jane's Addiction
My own pillow – for obvious reasons = ZzZZzZZZzzZZ time is so important on tour- I don't get much sleep on tour, but it needs to be quality sleep!!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Joe Clegg
15. Joe Clegg - UK, Ellie Goulding
My Polar & Stumptown Aeropress coffee kit. You've just got have good coffee wherever you are in the world!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Ivan Panella

16. Ivan Panella – Italy, Hopes Die Last
Baby wipes, when you don't have time to take a shower… or you know, for other reasons…

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Matt Greiner
17. Matt Greiner – USA, August Burns Red
I have several books to read in my backpack.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Fredrik Lrzon AC

18. Fredrik Larzon – Sweden, Millencolin
Headphones. Need. More. Music.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Pierre Nakano AC
19. Pierre Nakano – Japan, Ling Toshite Shigure
An electric toothbrush - because it is important to take care of my teeth.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Antonio Sanchez
20. Antonio Sanchez – USA, Pat Metheny
My laptop. It's my lifeline to the outside world when I'm on tour.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Tobias Derer
21. Tobias Derer – Germany, You Tuber -Ultimate Music Covers (UMC)
Laptop. So you don´t get struck by an email-storm when you come back.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Toni Mateos
22. Toni Mateos - Spain, Independent
Spare stuff!! Headphones, sticks, drumheads, cymbals, metronome... The show must ALWAYS go on!!!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Kristinn Agnarsson
23. Kristinn "Kiddi" Agnarsson – Iceland, John Grant
Besides the obvious stuff, I'd say healthy food. Ginger, a good pillow and earplugs.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Bernhard Schimpelsberger AC

24. Bernhard Schimpelsberger – UK, Independent
Swimming trunks - you never know where the next beach is!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Barry Van Zyl

25. Barry van Zyl – South Africa, Johnny Clegg
Macbook Pro, mini controller keyboard, assorted drives, Sony 7506's and of course the iPhone.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Pete Lockett

26. Pete Lockett – UK, Independent Percussionist
WIFI!!!! Connected connected!!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Gavin Harrison
27. Gavin Harrison – UK, Porcupine Tree/ King Crimson
Computer. Can't seem to live without it now. iPod - I remember taking lots of cassettes and a Sony Walkman on tour!

28. Grant Gerathy - Australia, John Butler Trio
iPad, it’s the greatest time waster/communication device/ mobile studio/ music player

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Venzella Joy

29. Venzella Joy – USA, Beyonce
I must have my iPad mini and Dre Beat Buds for off stage. I do everything on my iPad mini including taking form notes for songs. I always have it with me.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Steve Judd
30. Steve Judd – Australia, Karnivool
It’s a long list, but my iPod and headphones would probably sit at the top of it. Absolute essentials when it comes to travel.

31. Lucas van Merwijk – Germany, Independent
iPad and headphones

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Richard Jupp AC
32. Rick Jupp – UK, Elbow
iPad so I can FaceTime home.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | James Payne AC
33. James Payne – Italy, Hour of Penance
iPod and headphones, to cut some moments for yourself while always being with a lot of people.

34. Ian Matthews – UK, Kasabian
iPad. See about why it’s essential!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Marito Marques
35. Marito Marques – Portugal, Independent
My laptop! To keep in touch with family and work!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Daniel Hanson
36. Daniel Hanson - Australia, Ball Park Music
A camera

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ithan Haydar

37. Ihan Haydar – Denmark, L.I.G.A
Solid headphones to shut the world out when you need space and peace.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Jacopo Volpe
38. Jacopo Volpe – Italy, Vanilla Sky
iPhone charger*.

*With all these devices, we’re glad someone remembered a charger!

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