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44 Ways to Warm-Up Before a Gig!

From our Worldwide Family of Zildjian Artists

Got a gig coming up? Playing night after night can be brutal on your body. Check out how our worldwide team of Zildjian Artists warm up before a show so they’re ready to play their best.

 Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Bunta

1. Bunta (Tatsuya Sugawara) – Japan, Totalfat
Stretch your body and practice rudiments for at least 10 minutes each. 

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Cchrisse Ofosu-Osei

2. Cherisse Ofosu-Osei – UK, MIKA
I like to warm up on a drum pad for 20 minutes before a gig and do a variety of arm and wrist stretches. For the pad, I warm up with the rudiments and snare exercises from the book 'Stick Control' by George Stone.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Alex Salinger

3. Alex Salinger – Australia, Deez Nuts
Singles, doubles, paradiddles, flam taps, in that order.  I usually do this for about 10 min before I go play.

4. Jake Dargaville – New Zealand, Confession  
Jog on the spot, push-ups and a beer!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Roberto Gualdi 

5. Roberto Gualdi – Italy, Independent
Play the following very slow with a large movement: For wrist control (with Random Accents or Diddle Family)   Finger Control  Rolls Flams – Play very slow and with accuracy.

6. Lucas van Merwijk – Germany, Independent 
Play rolls and change from singles to doubles to paradiddles. Make them sound all sound the same.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Daniel Hanson

7. Daniel Hanson – Australia, Ball Park Music
Play basic rudiments on a soft surface with little rebound. Play each rudiment for between 1-2 minutes gradually speeding up until you reach maximum speed at 30 seconds, and then slowing down to walking pace at 1 minute and repeat.  Just keep the sticks in your hands a couple of hours before the show too, you will be tapping away the whole time without even knowing it’s a warming up.

8. Ian Matthews – UK, Kasabian
See 4 above.  Although I do love 7's. 7L  7R, together.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Steve White AC

9. Steve White – UK, Independent/Trio Valore
A meal.  A walk, and some pad time.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Gary Husband

10. Gary Husband – UK, Independent
Very moderate, even tempo exercises, concentrating on consistency, accuracy, tempo and control. I don't try and play powerfully or fast before a show, and it doesn't serve me if I do. I recently experimented with kind of "air drums" idea, where you're literally playing your sticks in the air with no surface to play off. It's interesting. I'm always looking for new methods.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Gino Banks

11. Gino Banks – India, Independent
Singles, Doubles, Flams.  All at a medium-slow tempo with big motions.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Joe Clegg

12. Joe Clegg – UK, Ellie Goulding
Four bars of each of the following: Singles, Doubles and Paradiddles.  Practice starting at 100 BPM and working in 4bpm increments.

13. Mark Richardson – UK, Skunk Anansie
Pad work, stretches, deep breaths.  Raising your heart rate will help to get the blood oxygenated and feed the muscles that need to go to work!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ash Soan AC

14. Ash Soan – UK, Recording Artist
Stretches and being physically warm before I go on.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ben Gordon AC

15. Ben Gordon – Australia, Parkway Drive
I practice on a pad for a while and then stretch. To get the blood going I do a kind of yoga routine combined with push ups and sit ups.

Zildjian Buzz Roll | Atom Willard

16. Atom Willard – USA, Angels and Airwaves/Against Me
I warm up on a pillow, the same pillow I've had for about 12 years actually. I use a heating pad on my shoulders and space heaters near my legs while I get my hands going. This just helps get everything loose and ready.

Zildjian Buzz Roll | Brooks Wackerman

17. Brooks Wackerman – USA, Bad Religion
Yoga stretches.  Slow rudiments before lift off.

 Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Vasya Rudenk2

18. Vasily Rudenko – Russia, Elvira T 
I never warm up.  But maybe if you play metal or hard rock, you may need to stretch your hands and play something on pad.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Fredrik Lrzon AC

19. Fredrik Larzon – Sweden, Millencolin
Jump, run, play with your drumsticks on your knees or practice pad or some couch or whatever.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Akira Jimbo

20. Akira Jimbo  - Japan, Independent
Alternate single strokes of the hands and feet.  Like this:  Right Hand - Right Foot - Right Hand - Right Foot.   Left Hand - Left Foot - Left Hand - Left Foot.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Stephen Perkins

21. Stephen Perkins – USA, Jane’s Addiction
Rudiments from slow to fast, from fast to superfast, then back to slow and then super slow.  Quiet to loud and very soft.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Simon Scheibel

22. Simon Scheibel – Germany, Lake Cisco
Steve Smith´s Singles and Doubles exercise and the Drum Guru Lessons of Pat Petrillo...Awesome. Just figured them out by myself :-).

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Jason Bittner

23. Jason Bittner – USA, Shadows Fall
Constant Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles on a pad, feet moving on floor in constant singles motion.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll John Tempesta

24. John Tempesta – USA, The Cult 
I like to get on my 6” pad for 20 mins, then do my routine of exercises, and stretch my hands and arms.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Pierre Nakano AC

25. Pierre Nakano – Japan, Ling Toshite Shigure
Stretching.  Practicing under simulated conditions.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Daniel Platzman

26. Daniel Platzman – USA, Imagine Dragons
Alan Dawson's Rudimental ritual.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Antonio Sanchez

27. Antonio Sanchez – USA, Pat Metheny
Lots of stretching and loosening of legs, ankles, forearms and fingers.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Venzella Joy

28. Venzella Joy – USA, Beyonce 
Alternating single and double stroke rolls is a good warm up.

 Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Kent Slucher

29. Kent Slucher – USA, Luke Bryan Band
I actually just stretch about 30 minutes before the gig, I practice on the pad before sound check then I don't touch the sticks until show time.  I like it to feel fresh when I step on stage.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Tobias Derer

30. Tobias Derer – Germany, YouTuber – Ultimate Music Covers (UMC)
Cold beer and loud single strokes!

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Ivan Panella

31. Ivan Panella – Italy, Hopes Die Last
I usually do a quick stretching routine.  Then I play some single-double strokes and diddle rudiments (slow and fast) to warm the wrists.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Matt Greiner

32. Matt Greiner – USA, August Burns Red
I usually play my best shows when I'm comfortable walking onto that stage.  If I'm tired before the show, I'll do pushups.  If I'm cold before the show, I'll do rudiments on a pad.  If I'm nervous I'll forget about the show and just focus on having fun.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Toni Mateos

33. Toni Mateos – Spain, Independent
Sextuplets with hands and foot, as fast as you can (you can practice on a pad):  RLRLBB, LRLRBB, RRLLBB, LLRRBB, RBLBRB, RRBBLL BBRRLL.  (Where R=Right hand, L=Left Hand, B=Bass drum). HiHat always on quarter notes.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Ithan Haydar

34. Ihan Haydar – Denmark, L.I.G.A
Drum around on anything that can be drummed on to warm your hands and fingers.  Also make sure that your body is warmed up as well.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Jacopo Volpe

35. Jacopo Volpe – Italy, Vanilla Sky
Rudiments and stretching.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Darshan Doshi

36. Darshan Doshi – India, Bollywood/Shankar-Ehsaan-Lory
Doing basic rudiments on a practice pad in the green room.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Mike Gaspar

37. Mike Gaspar – Portugal, Independent
I do lots of sports and also during my spare time I practice and teach Tae Kwon Do. Stretching is a big deal for me. Also breathing exercises and even meditating a bit before gigs make a huge difference. Its a routine I've developed mainly because of all the traveling and sometimes doing two shows in less than 24 hours in different countries; or just all the touring mayhem you have to deal with to get the show done.

 Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Bernhard Schimpelsberger AC

38. Bernhard Schimpelsberger – UK, Independent
Stretching my hands and free floating paradiddles just to get a feel of the stick in my hand.

Zildjian Buzz Roll |Samantha Mallony

39. Samantha Maloney – USA, Independent
Jumping jacks, then stretching my hands, wrists, and legs.  Then I practice rudiments on a practice pad or bottom of my sneaker.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Barry Van Zyl

40. Barry van Zyl – South Africa, Johnny Clegg 
Sound check! I rarely warm up as an accompanist.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Pete Lockett

41. Pete Lockett – UK, Independent Percussionist 
I never warm up before a gig and never have done it.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | James Payne AC

42. James Payne – Italy, Hour of Penance
Single stroke rolls playing 1 limb at time, so first right hand - then left hand - then right foot - then left foot. Then combine the 2 hands playing alternated strokes. Then alternate strokes with your feet. Then play single stroke rolls between right hand right foot, left hand and left foot, right hand left foot, left hand right foot.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll | Marito Marques2 

43. Marito Marques – Portugal, Independent
I warm up with single strokes on a blanket with the drumsticks I'll be performing with, for around 30 minutes. Any sort of technique exercise is great to warm-up.

Zildjian Artist Buzz Roll Gavin Harrison

44. Gavin Harrison – UK, Porcupine Tree/King Crimson
Whiskey. (LOL)

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