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Professional Crotales - High Octave (13 Notes) with Bar

Band and Orchestral / Crotales

After years of research, Zildjian's Professional Crotales are here.

Made with Zildjian’s famous 80% copper/20% tin content bronze alloy, each note is hand selected for sustain, vibrato speed, and vibrato prominence. Once selected, the sets are sonically matched to the highest standards to produce an instrument that is cohesive and balanced throughout both octaves. Each note's hub size is proportionally scaled to provide greater sustain, especially in the high octave.

High Octave Set (from Middle C to High C) comes complete with High Octave Deluxe Crotale Bar.

Purchase now: $3,995.00

Technical specifications

  • Category: Crotales
  • SKU: P0665
  • Size: 0 in. / 0 cm.

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