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14" A Custom Mastersound HiHats

Drumset Cymbals / Cast Bronze Cymbals / A Custom Series

Featuring the same crisp, rich and colorful sounds associated with the A Custom range, but with a bolder and full-bodied overall sound.

Hammered grooves in the bottom cymbal rapidly vent trapped air for a fast and clear "chick" sound.

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Purchase now: $369.95

Technical specifications

  • Category: A Custom Series
  • SKU: A20550
  • Type: HiHat
  • Size: 14 in. / 35.56 cm.
  • Weight: Medium Thin Top / Medium Bottom
  • Finish: Brilliant Finish
  • Bell Size: Small
  • Profile: Medium
  • Pitch: Mid
  • Sound: Solid Chick
  • Volume: General
  • Balance: Cut
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Product reviews

3 Reviews - average rating: 4.4

by zildjian\jlop127
8 months ago
A good sizzle sound but not as loud or powerful as I hoped but they still sound great. The 14" Z Custom Mastersounds had a louder, more pronounced and clear cutting "chick" sound.
by zildjian\Burge1979
about a year ago
I have been playing on Z-Dyno beat hats for years. I switched because I wanted a more clean crisp sound. Well I got it with these! The action is outstanding and they sound great. Although I gave up heavy and crunchy, I got a pure players set of hi hats! These hats will make you step your game up! Listen for the new sound on the new Zach Caruso album Might Be The Rain!
by Roger Strange
3 years ago
These hats are without a doubt the most controllable hats I have ever played. Dynamics are superb and the feel is superior to any others that I have played over my life.