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19" A Custom Projection Crash

Drumset Cymbals / Cast Bronze Cymbals / A Custom Series

More power and body with a stronger high-end

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Technical specifications

  • Category: A Custom Series
  • SKU: A20585
  • Type: Crash
  • Size: 19 in. / 48.26 cm.
  • Weight: Medium Thin
  • Finish: Brilliant Finish
  • Bell Size: Large
  • Profile: Medium-Low
  • Pitch: Low to Mid
  • Sound: Bright/Mid
  • Volume: Project
  • Balance: Cut
  • Sustain: Long
  • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Product reviews

2 Reviews - average rating: 4.9

by ChrisCarey
2 years ago
This is probably the best cymbal I currently own. This really does stand superior to the rest of them. Would definitely recommend purchasing this cymbal if you're looking for something which is loud, yet compliments the rest of the kit and cymbals. Great Work Zildjian, this is a fantastic cymbal.
by luisthedrummer
3 years ago
Nice sound¡¡¡