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13" K/Z Special HiHat Pair

Drumset Cymbals / Cast Bronze Cymbals / K Zildjian Series

Top: Medium Bottom: Extra Heavy. K HiHat top with Z Dyno Beat HiHat bottom. Dry, musical stick sound. Bright, sharply defined "chick." 13" highly recommended.

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Purchase now: $339.95

Technical specifications

  • Category: K Zildjian Series
  • SKU: K0829
  • Type: HiHat
  • Size: 13 in. / 33.02 cm.
  • Weight: Medium Top / Extra Heavy Bottom
  • Finish: Traditional Finish
  • Bell Size: Small
  • Profile: Medium
  • Pitch: Mid to High
  • Sound: Dark/Mid
  • Volume: Project
  • Balance: Blend
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Product reviews

7 Reviews - average rating: 4.3

by zildjian\vlasta_ivo
11 months ago
little dark for me but ok
by MicheálG
3 years ago
A simply spectacular set of hats.
by raphael miranda
3 years ago
Esse hat, na minha humilde opinião, pro meu estilo, que é o Samba, é o melhor. Boa projeção, definição de notas e níveis de dinâmica fantástico. Perfeito.
by soren-k
4 years ago
Honestly, I don't get the big deal about these. They sound cheap to me. I picked up a pair and couldn't believe how much they sounded like the old Pearl Wild 500 hats I had on my beginner set. There might be ways to record them so they sound great, but for live playing... no thanks. They're also *extremely* loud and will tend to overpower the rest of your set unless you have everything mic'd independently.
by Mapexman1
5 years ago
Great hats. Nice solid chick. Great barks.
by cristaples
5 years ago
The top pop/funk rock everything hats ever for my own sound, cutting but capable of transparency.My absolute favourite Zildjians in Brilliant finish on the K top cymbal!
by Drumslive
5 years ago
Lo tengo en mi kit.
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