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14" ZBT HiHat Pair

Drumset Cymbals / Sheet Cymbals / ZBT

Sharp and focused. Excellent, bright "chick" sound.

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Technical specifications

  • Category: ZBT
  • SKU: ZBT14HP
  • Type: HiHat
  • Size: 14 in. / 35.56 cm.
  • Weight: Medium Thin Top / Medium Bottom
  • Finish: Traditional Finish
  • Bell Size: Small
  • Profile: Medium
  • Pitch: Mid to High
  • Sound: Bright/Mid
  • Volume: General
  • Balance: Blend
  • Sustain: Short
  • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Product reviews

3 Reviews - average rating: 4.4

by louis595
4 years ago
Pretty good cymbal, great choice as an upgrade from stock cymbals or drummer just starting
by joerockhed
4 years ago
The ZBT 14" High Hat cymbals are great versatile cymbals that work in all musical genres. With it's Mid Range tones, you're not overwhelmed with it being to bright or dark.
by eurobean
5 years ago
Powerful, bright sound and focused tone! Perfect for anyone who already plays drums, or anyone who wants start with a great sound!
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