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18" ZBT China

Drumset Cymbals / Sheet Cymbals / ZBT

Fast, bright, "trashy" China ideal for special accents and musical exclamation points. Bold and colorful with an explosive attack, fast decay and plenty of volume to cut through the music.

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Technical specifications

  • Category: ZBT
  • SKU: ZBT18CH
  • Type: Special Effects
  • Size: 18 in. / 45.72 cm.
  • Weight: Thin
  • Finish: Traditional Finish
  • Bell Size: Small
  • Profile: Medium-High
  • Pitch: Mid
  • Sound: Bright/Mid
  • Volume: Loud
  • Balance: Cut
  • Sustain: Short
  • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Product reviews

2 Reviews - average rating: 4.4

by b3nh1ll
4 years ago
I got this china as part of my first ever set up and i've been using it ever since, when i first got it i hated it but after breaking it in, it gave a dark trashy sound that cuts through the mix live and recording, and the volume is LOUD!!! Good quality China!
by jesse17
4 years ago
at first when i got it, I was like "i am going to return it" but now the sound has gotten more darker and trashy then it sounds on the website thats why I have made my choice of making it the only china cymbal I use!
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