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14" ZHT Mastersound HiHats

Drumset Cymbals / Sheet Cymbals / ZHT

Zildjian's newest alloy. 88% copper, 12% tin for increased musicality. Hammered outer edge on bottom HiHat creates a lively, fast "chick" sound. The first ever sheet bronze cymbals with the Mastersound edge.

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Purchase now: $169.95

Technical specifications

  • Category: ZHT
  • Type: HiHat
  • Size: 14 in. / 35.56 cm.
  • Weight: Medium Top / Heavy Bottom
  • Finish: Traditional Finish
  • Bell Size: Small
  • Profile: Medium
  • Pitch: Mid to High
  • Sound: Solid Chick
  • Volume: General
  • Balance: Blend
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Product reviews

3 Reviews - average rating: 5.0

by zildjian\bigpick228
about a year ago
These are great sounding cymbals! They are versatile and have a nice edgy sound!
by zildjian\RayTheDrummer
about a year ago
These hi-hats are good for anything and everything! They sound awesome when closed, and have a powerful, washy tone when played more openly in a rock or metal setting. Also, surprisingly, they have a pretty decent bell for a pair of hi-hats. They blend well with anything from ZBTs to A Customs. I couldn't have bought a better pair of hi-hats!
by pointsource1
3 years ago
I spent 4 hours in Sam Ash Clearwater trying to find the high hats that I would be happy with. I couldn't afford the ones I really wanted. These totally give me the focused high and crisp chick I like w/ a hint of older flavor. The price was right. I also traded my projection K's for these. I am happy thanks !
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