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Louie Bellson Artist Series Drumstick

Drumsticks & Mallets / Artist Series

Legendary "Saturn Ring" tip for his trademark ride cymbal sound.

Purchase now: $11.21

Technical specifications

  • Category: Artist Series
  • Length: 16.25
  • Diameter: 0.575
  • Wood Type: Hickory
  • Tip Shape: Saturn Ring
  • Tip Type: Wood
  • Tip Color: Natural

Product reviews

1 Review - average rating: 4.9

by danamirate
5 years ago
I really enjoy these sticks. I used to use 3A wood tips and found that my heads were having to be replaced more often. I switched to these sticks and fell in love with the balance and feel. I perform regularly in an 80's rock & pop band and the sticks can handle the beating. I love Louie, but I wish Zildjian offered this stick without the signature to help bring the purchase price down for working musicians like myself. I have never been happier with a stick.
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