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Mike Mangini Artist Series Drumstick

Drumsticks & Mallets / Artist Series

Constructed from an advanced material for this very technical and musical artist. The material allows the stick to be weight and density controlled to meet a heavy weight specification. These sticks have an incredibly smooth and solid feel. The acorn tip produces a clean response. Mike presents his preferred pronounciation with "Laminated Bieerch" print under the Zildjian logo.

Purchase now: $21.45

Technical specifications

  • Category: Artist Series
  • Length: 16.5
  • Diameter: 0.585
  • Wood Type: Laminated Birch
  • Tip Shape: Acorn
  • Tip Type: Wood
  • Tip Color: Natural

Product reviews

3 Reviews - average rating: 3.5

by zildjian\sanket
2 years ago
These sticks are terrible. too heavy. I got so taken in at the store, i bought 3 pairs. its only when you reach home and apply them do you realize just how difficult it is to use. I love heavy sticks...but this is unplayable heavy..irritating heavy. The worst stick ever...
by lachstar358
3 years ago
GREAT STICKS! Produces a great sound.
by Savyo's Drums_zild
4 years ago
the best drumstick of the world
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