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Travis Barker Black Artist Series Drumstick

Drumsticks & Mallets / Artist Series

Designed by the super quick drummer for one of the world's most colorful bands. This black version of Travis’ original stick features a popping silver metallic logo. The stick's round wood bead and beefy neck stand up to aggressive playing styles. Great for live performance. This stick has a great throw and balance. U.S. Select Hickory.

Purchase now: $11.21

Technical specifications

  • Category: Artist Series
  • Length: 16.375
  • Diameter: 0.595
  • Wood Type: Hickory
  • Tip Shape: Round
  • Tip Type: Wood
  • Tip Color: Black

Product reviews

2 Reviews - average rating: 5.0

by Snare22
4 years ago
Awesome stick! Great feeling with the heavy tip, easy to move around on the kit, and just right grip wise. I love the stick, looks good as well.
by colddaniel
5 years ago
thes drumsticks are awesome,produce a great sound ans very easy ti perform with
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