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Professional Wire Brushes Retractable

Drumsticks & Mallets / Brushes & Specialty Sticks

Position the wires on Zildjian's retractable brushes all the way out for a quieter, more traditional brush sound, or pull them in incrementally for added volume and articulation. Comfortable handle.

Purchase now: $34.00

Technical specifications

  • Category: Brushes & Specialty Sticks

Product reviews

1 Review - average rating: 5.0

by zildjian\RayTheDrummer
about a year ago
I have had these bad boys since I began playing the drums three years ago. They are my favorite pair of brushes, and I have used them not only for regular drum playing, but also for special effects. When I retract the brushes all the way, the rubber handles make for smooth crescendos like one would do with timpani mallets. I love these!
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