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AE 5 Channel Cable Snake

Gen16 / AE Cymbals / AE Cymbal Accessories

The AE Cymbal 5 channel Cable Snake is designed specifically for the AE Cymbal System. It includes 5 color-coded plugs to speed up setup - simply match the color-coded rings on the plugs and jacks to the DCP and corresponding pickup. Each AE Cymbal System cable plug has 3 rings; 2 rings for the microphone audio signal and a 3rd for power to the condenser mics and LED’s. The AE Cymbal System warranty is void if another cable is used on The AE Cymbal System.

If additional cables are required you can purchase the following:
6 foot (1.83 meter) Cable (male to male)
6 foot (1.83 meter) Extension Cable (female to male)

Note: Only use AE Cymbal System Cables with the AE Cymbal System!

Included with each 5 Channel Cable Snake:
- 5 cables connect together (male to male)


Technical specifications

  • Category: AE Cymbal Accessories
  • SKU: G16AE003

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