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AE Digital Cymbal Processor Mount

Gen16 / AE Cymbals / AE Cymbal Accessories

Designed specifically for the AE Cymbal System Digital Sound Processor (“DCP”)”), the mounting bracket can be used with its unique magnet “quick release” system and or with the set of (optional) 5mm thumb screw for more permanent/secure mounting. The “Quick Release” Magnet allows for fast and easy dissembling and packing for transport. Simply place the Alignment Tab into the Alignment Channel on the underside of the DCP (top first). The DCP fits into place using an internal magnet. For a more secure attachment use the 5mm Thumb Screws supplied. Simply remove (peel back) the black label on the underside of the DCP to expose the 5mm screw inserts. Attached the DCP mount using the method previously described. Screw in the 5mm thumb screws through the DCP mount and in to the pre-taped holes in the base of the DCP.

Note – Bracket will require some type of clamp to attach to existing drum hardware.

Purchase now: $34.00

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  • Category: AE Cymbal Accessories
  • SKU: G16AE008

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