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2013 Zildjian Sound Lab Cover 2015  Product Guide
Check out this year's new Product Guide. SThis product guide gives you a deep overview of Zildjian's cymbals, Gen16, drumsticks, gear, and accessories. Product listings with part number, sizes, and weight information. Click Sound Lab Videos to view the latest comparison videos. Below is the table of contents.

1 - Overview of the Lines
3 - New for 2015
5 - Zildjian Sheet Bronze 
13 - A Family 
19 - K Family 
23 - Gen-16 
25 - Band and Orchestral 
29 - Drumsticks 
33 - Gear
35 - Product Listings
43 - Artists


Download the full issue 


2014 Zildjian Gear Catalog  

Check out this year's new Zildjian Gear Catalog. We have new hats, shirts, and accessories for the drummer in your life.

Download the latest Zildjian Gear Catalog











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Get Zildjian updates, hear Zildjian cymbal sounds, and more from the palm of your hand.

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Zildjian Glove Size Chart

When buying Zildjian glove's, use this handy PDF to check your hand size and order the right pair. Here is the PDF.



2012-Sound-Lab-Cover Sound Lab 2012  

Check out this year's new Sound Lab. Sound Lab give you an indepth look at all of Zildjian's cymbal lines and even the new Gen-16. Information for each line includes: statistics, artist reviews, and product videos featuring head cymbal maker Paul Francis. Click Sound Lab Videos to view the video the Zildjian Sound Lab Videos. Below is the table of contents.

2 - Zildjian Cast Bronze
4 - Cast Cymbals 
10 - Zildjian Sheet Bronze 
11 - Sheet Cymbals 
14 - Gen-16 
15 - Drumsticks 
16 - Education/Orchestral 
17 - Product Listings 


Download the full issue 

Download Part 1  (Page 1-10) 
Download Part 2  (Page 11-23) 


Score Sm 2010 SCORE
An Education Publication from the Zildjian Company

This issue of the SCORE is the first our first multimedia companion magazine!

Everything found in the print issue has been replicated here and most articles include an in-depth video to continue the story that begins in the print article. Click the "mouse" icon in the pages of the PDF to access the video content.

Download the full Interactive SCORE Magazine, featuring Cynthia Yeh (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) on the cover, and enjoy all of the multimedia. Click wherever you see the "mouse" icon and you'll be taken to the digital content on


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