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Berklee Mega Drum Project
I am truly humbled and honored to present The Berklee Mega Drum Project to the world! This project involves a ton of amazing bunch of friends who came together to create something out of nothing. In life, chase your dreams and do the work! Never let fear or doubt stop you from getting into action. Living life to the fullest, David chua! :) Project Done By: David Chua Boon Ghee: Executive Producer and Director Teo Karakolav: Producer & Film Director Matthew Sim: Producer, Chief Engineer & Mixing Engineer. Clifton Williams : Producer, Track Composer, and Artistic Director Tracy Lee Robertson: Pitch Slapped Director (Accapella group) Timothy Reynolds : String Director & Chief Strings Coordinator Li Xiao'An: String Production (Intro only) Musicians involved: Drummers: Myles Manning Arthur Kam Amber Baker Milos Branisavljevic Sean Wright Jongkuk Kim Fabrizio Cavallaro Darryl Reberio Johannas Gritschacher Bass Players: Joe Cleveland Max Mckeller Guitarist: Zayn Mohammed (London, U.K.) Pitch Slapped A Capella Group: Kelly Eberle Danielle Blackmon Gabriela Luna Christine Smit Mark Joseph Nathan Hartono Erin Cafferky Jackie Wasson Jack Synder Stirling Rutty Sam Fischer Jared Jenkins Matthew Sallee Tracy Robertson (Assistant Music Director) String Players: Ro Rowan Seung Hoon Lee Calvin Lehmuael Khairul Aiman Radzi Corliss Lee Pamela Cunning Tim Reynolds Austin Lightfoot Ali Barbioux Bailey Gordon Zack Rapp Assistant Engineers: Fernando Guiteirrez Chuck Hargreaves Eddy Mccormack Mathias Rengel ByungSeok Beau Lee Sponsors & Important People Involved: Aaron Jackson and Craigie Zildjian from Zildjian Cymbals. Pastor Gregory Groover from Charles Street AME church and the whole Charles street family. Pastor Randal Quakenbush and Shelly Quakenbush from Anchor Boston and the whole Anchor church family. Pastor Daniel Cheah and Deborah From His Santuary of Glory, Malaysia and all the church family. Roger Brown, President of Berklee College Of Music. Tom Riley, Director of External Affairs. Micheal Bordiga, Assistant of External Affairs. Kevin Johnson, Director of Diversity & Inclusion. Brenda Bailey, Assistant of diversity and inclusion. Steve Oristaglio, sponsors. Terri Lynn Carrington, Grammy award winning producer, composer & drummer. Robbie Chua and Josephine Chua, Dad & Mum. Berklee Christian Fellowship 2013. Alex Guo from MIT. Kelli Xu From MIT. Gabriel Jose, Rhythm Of The Universe. Special Thanks To: Niles Brandon Michel'le Baptiste Nigel Tay Derrick Siow Luke Sairattanyu Saw Yi Hui From MiT Zhao Jia Jia from MiT Check out 4Reel Productions at: Check out for Behind The Scenes Photos: Check out Matthew's work at: If you read all of that description, that means the next thing you want to do is subscribe! All rights reserved, 2013.
  • by David Chua Boon Ghee
  • about a year ago
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