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AE Cymbal HiHat Clutch Kit

AE Cymbals / AE Cymbal Accessories

The Gen16 AE Cymbal Hi-Hat Mounting Kit is designed specifically for the AE Cymbal System. All dampening washers are made from a neoprene material to isolate cymbal vibrations and channel sound to the AE Pickup and not through the drum hardware (hi-hat stand). Also included is a specially formulated PVC cymbal sleeve that covers the center section of the clutch to prevent metal to metal contact between the clutch shaft and top hi-hat cymbal. The Gen16 AE HiHat Clutch will fit most manufactures acoustic and electric hi-hat stands.

Note: When replacing electronic hi-hat trigger pads make sure and take ALL electronic pad mounting accessories off of supplied hardware.

Included in each AE Cymbal HiHat Clutch Kit:
- 1 Neoprene hi-hat cup cymbal dampers
- 1 Hi-hat Clutch assembly

Purchase now: $19.00

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  • Category: AE Cymbal Accessories
  • SKU: G16AE009

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