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AE Cymbal Pickup

AE Cymbals / AE Cymbal Accessories

The AE (Acoustic Electric) pickup is the key to the AE Cymbal System. With it's patent-pending design, the dual capsule condenser microphone captures every nuance, articulation you can imagine.

From sticks to mallets, Multi-rods or brushes, the AE cymbal pickup will capture the widest dynamic performance you can give it.

Coupled with the DCP’s (Digital Cymbal Processor) Tone Shaping, you’ll have many musical and tonal possibilities at your fingertips.

Note: Watch video or Read Quick Start Guide for optimum pickup performance! AE Cymbal Pickups ARE NOT designed for use with standard acoustic (only) cymbals.

Purchase now: $34.00

Technical specifications

  • Category: AE Cymbal Accessories
  • SKU: G16AE002

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