Access Tool Mac Version

Gen-16 Access Tool 3.2.0 7/1/13

- Cymbal editor DSP controls changed for DSP firmware 1.5.x:
    Added 2 more EQ bands
    Increased EQ freq & gain ranges for more tone shaping ability
    Added Output Level preset parameter to help with normalizing levels between presets
    Removed pitch shifter limiter
    Removed pitch shifter dry HPF
    Increased pitch shifter shift range
    Removed Exciter

- Added the ability to convert old-format (DSP 1.4x) presets to the new format.
- Added display of preset names in the Cymbal Editor (requires DCP firmware 2.x)
- Added remote control of preset selection from the Cymbal Editor (requires DCP firmware 2.x)
- Added solo'ing of channels from the Cymbal Editor (requires DCP firmware 2.x)
- Added more auditioning features to the Set Editor - presets are automatically auditioned when clicked on or scrolled to.
- Added the ability to rename and edit presets stored within set files from the Set Editor.
- Presets can now be copied between channels in the Set Editor (option/alt drag).
- Added "Save All Individual Presets to Disk" menu item under File menu for Set Editor.
- Improved the speed of several operations in the Set Editor.
- Changed the names of some editor window controls to be more descriptive.
- Added "Save to DCP" button in editor windows as a shortcut to Export.
- Current DSP settings are no longer overridden when a new editor window is opened - instead the current preset is loaded so that the on-screen controls always match what you're hearing.
- Added focus ring to DSP parameter sliders to allow adjustments via scroll wheel/trackpad or arrow key even while the cursor is not on the slider.
- Improved speed and reliability of device detection and information retrieval.
- Fixed bug that was causing some DSP block bypass parameters to be exported incorrectly.
- Fixed bugs in display of Kit presets.
- Corrected a bug that sometimes caused DCP crashes or errors during importing of presets.
- Changed DSP version format from x.xx to x.x.x.
- DCP Info window now displays serial number if it was programmed at the factory.
- Removed MIDI base channel and sysex ID settings from Preferences.
- Windows distribution now uses an installer (files are all the same as before and in the same places)
- Fixed issues when running under Japanese versions of Windows

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