"Allow your expression to be a genuine reflection of who you are.”

Jay Weinberg

  1. Independent

"My fans actually keep me going! They keep me practicing and chasing my dreams!”

Kristina Schiano

  1. Independent

"What inspires me is the joy of music-making and the creativity of others.”

Casey Cangelosi

  1. Independent

“Music will always be changing, don't be afraid to change with it."

Lucas Van Merwijk

  1. Independent

192 Artists

  1. Aaron Gillespie Underoath, The Almost
  2. Aaron Smith World Of Dance Tour/Independent
  3. Aaron Spears Independent
  4. Adam Deitch Lettuce, Break Science, The Adam Deitch Quartet
  5. Adam Gray Independent
  6. Adam Nussbaum Independent
  7. Adrian Young No Doubt, Dreamcar
  8. Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson The Roots, Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  9. Alex Landenburg Kamelot, CyHra
  10. Alexander Holzwarth Turilli/Lione Rhapsody
  11. Alexander Lindbäck The Secret Sound of Dreamwalkers
  12. Andrew Reamer Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  13. Andy Strachan The Living End
  14. Arun Kumar Independent
  15. Ash Soan Independent
  16. Ben Barter Lorde, Jarryd James, Studio Session
  17. Ben Gordon Parkway Drive
  18. Ben Thatcher Royal Blood
  19. Benjamin Toth The Hartt School, University of Hartford
  20. Berni Bovens Independent (Recording studio)