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Anderson .Paak

  1. Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic

"I thoroughly enjoy practicing... and progressively getting better.”

Stanton Moore

  1. Galactic, Stanton Moore Drum Academy

"Allow your expression to be a genuine reflection of who you are.”

Jay Weinberg

  1. Independent

"Every time I play a K Custom Dark crash I am blown away by it's beautiful tone...”

Jessica Burdeaux

  1. City Mouth, Naia Izumi, Independent

"What inspires me is the joy of music-making and the creativity of others.”

Casey Cangelosi

  1. Independent

“Music will always be changing, don't be afraid to change with it."

Lucas Van Merwijk

  1. Independent


3070 Artists

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  8. Aaron Serfaty U.S.C., Cal Arts
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  14. Adam Buczek Educational Music Academy
  15. Adam Bushell Brighton Institute of Modern Music
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  19. Adam Groh Western Carolina University
  20. Adam Jackson Bury Tomorrow
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