Adam Gray | Zildjian Drum Set Artist

Adam Gray


Adam Gray was gifted his first drum set at 3 years old and has been working ever since. He tries to learn/create as many things as possible from independence routines, techniques, genres, etc. He played in a metal band called “Texas in July” before becoming independent.

Adam Gray's setup

1.14" K Mastersound HiHats – Pair

2.11" K Custom Hybrid Splash

3.18” K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash *

4.21" K Zildjian Sweet Ride

5.16" K EFX/16" Gen16 Buffed Bronze Stack *

6.19" K Custom Hybrid China

* May be prototype or discontinued

Behind the kit

Adam Gray - Broken Soul

Adam Gray - Eminem Rap God (drum cover)

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Photo Credits:
Header: Ray Duker