The Zildjian City Pack is the perfect combination of sound and practicality.  This 4-cymbal set was designed to deliver the legendary Zildjian sound for smaller sized drum kits and percussion set-ups.  From apartments to street musicians or anyone gigging with compact set-ups, these smaller sized cymbals are a great alternative, providing a tightly defined and colorful sound with blended overtones.  Featuring the new 18" A Uptown Ride, 14" A Fast Crash and 12" A New Beat HiHats.  Discover the Pack here.

18” A Zildjian Uptown Ride - NEW FOR 2018
The A Zildjian Uptown Ride is a smaller sized Ride that delivers a controlled dry sound with very pronounced stick definition.  With its extensive hammering and unlathed top and bottom surface, it creates a tightly defined and colorful sound with minimal overtones and sustain.

14” A Zildjian Fast Crash

True to their name, the Fast Crashes have a smooth, fast decay following an initial strong attack. Featuring a new bell design, these Crashes are bright, full-bodied and musical. The thinner weight provides a soft, "buttery" feel for plenty of playability.

12” A Zildjian New Beat HiHats  - NEW FOR 2018
The legendary New Beat HiHats are now available in a smaller, 12" size.  Zildjian New Beats are considered the most versatile HiHat cymbals and the “standard” in the world today with a perfect all-purpose combination of stick and "chick" sound.  The Hats are symmetrically machine hammered and are lathed with a traditional wide groove, resulting in cymbals that burst with a classic voice that is pure, bright, and expressive.